Get Rid Of Acne Overnight

Mandy asks…

How do I get rid of my acne super fast overnight?

I wanna get rid of this stuff on my face. It’s been here for a long while now and nothing is working. Please give me a solution!

admin answers:

Not an overnight solution but washing your pillowcases, sheets, blankets and towels very often can help a lot.

John asks…

How do you get rid of acne overnight?

Okay, so, I randomly just broke out really bad on my forehead and I really want it gone by tomorrow night cause there’s a carnival that my crush will be at. Is there anything that would help it that anyone would usually have at home to treat acne? Please & thank you<3

admin answers:

Toothpaste is the best thing. However, be sure to note that acne isn’t one of those things you can ”cure” overnight. It takes time to get rid of acne for good. Acne indicates that something is wrong with your body. If your insides aren’t looking good, then your outside won’t either. Don’t worry too much about it though. It might just be hormones.

Nancy asks…

Is there anything that truly gets rid of acne?

I’m eighteen and I’ve tried a few products but none of them seem to help. I don’t have an extreme acne problem (thank god), I just seem to have a bit around my cheek areas and a few on my forehead, but on my skin it shows up very red and looks bad! I know there’s so many skin products out there but from what I know, most of them don’t even work! Is there anything that definitely gets rid of acne, whether it be natural or not?

Thanks! :)

admin answers:

Try and buy Acne 101E it works great, its like a facial toner wash its the only facewash that has ever worked on my face- It cleared up my skin after two nights plus its the only facewash that worked for me without drying out my skin.-I also strongly recommend quinoderm which is a facial cream to rub in on acne and leave on overnight worked great for me and I use it on a regular basis to keep my skin clear.

Or try this alternative try taking Omega 3 dietary supplements in tablet form or take liver cod oil in liquid form, take at least one Zinc tablet per day also Zinc -also add Green tea to your diet-drink three to four cups of green tea daily- make sure its pure green tea you drink-the pure green tea without any added in flavours is the strongest green tea out there-green tea and zinc tablets also worked for me.

Hope this helps.

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Acne Treatments For Sensitive Skin

Helen asks…

Is there acne treatments for sensitive skin?

I’m 15 years old and currently have mild acne . I tried products such as proactive and clearsil none of them seem to be affective and some of the products irritate my skin. Does anyone have any suggestions.

admin answers:

To be honest, do what i did and take vitamins. I has a decent amount of acne at your age and no medicine worked. If anything, all the medicine did was make my skin hurt. I read a thing in a magazine about vitamins for clearing up skin. Take beta-carotine, zinc and fish oil. Those three worked for me. The one you really wanna take is the zinc. It will clear your face up in a few weeks trust me. Make sure you take the zinc with water. Good luck bro!

Betty asks…

I am a black female with uneven skin tone. What suggestions does anyone have for getting clear skin?

I also use proactive to clear up my acne. Are there any other products anyone recommends for acne that might be better? With regards to skin tone, my face has several patches and I have sensitive skin and don’t want any thing that will irritate me. I have several people who have suggested that I try the Clear Essence Line or the Clear N Smooth line. Has anyone used any of these products or does anyone have any comments? If there are any websites or products you suggest I am very open to anything that has worked for anyone with a similar situation or problem.

admin answers:

You should try the Mary Kay skincare line, they have it all and all the products work together to create amazing results!!! Also is very good for sensitive skin as it contains no alcohol or fragrances. I started using it and am so happy with the results, I use the regular cleanser and moisterizers…and for present and future zits I use the blemish toner(so much better than proactive) and acne treatment gel. For old blemishes and uneven skin tone I use the Microdermabrasion set, it literally changes your skin!!!

They also make and Even Skintone Serum that I havent personally used but my friend has and loves it, I am going to get it soon!!!

If you can find a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant she will let you try the product and do a skincare facial with you and you can tell the difference right away, you’ll be happy trust me <3

James asks…

I have some acne scars that i want to get rid of any advice or products?

Is there any way to get rid of acne without makeup or really expensive facial treatments? I have very oily and sensitive skin too, so I have to careful about anything put on my face, because I don’t want my skin to dry out or breakout .

admin answers:

Pineapple juice has a good amount of ascorbic acid which acts as a good bleach for the skin, so when applied often and washed after 10 or 15 minutes help a great deal in reducing acne,pimple scars. More such solutions at

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Get Rid Of Acne Fast Ice

Laura asks…

What is the best way to prevent acne and get rid of acne scars?

How to get rid of them easily and efficiently

admin answers:

Avoid fast foods, drink lots of water and exercise regularly. Meats, sugar, tea or coffee, pickles, soft drinks, candies, ice cream, refined and processed foods are all the main cause of acne or pimples. Don’t ever pinch or pick at a pimple it will leave a scar. Wash your face regularly. Wear light oil free make up and be sure to remove it at night.

For scars

Bio oil is good to fade acne scars

Donna asks…

How to get rid of acne scars/marks?

What’s the quickest way to get rid of marks that acne leaves behind? And if I was to wait for the marks to disappear, how long would I prob be waiting?

admin answers:


How to Get Rid of Acne:

Application of Ice
This is an easy way to get rid of pimples overnight. You have to pack up some crushed ice in an aluminum foil in order to prevent them from getting melted quickly. Then put it inside a plastic bag and wrap up the pack with a thin towel. Now apply it over the pimples for 10 to 15 minutes. This will shrink the pores forcing the oil and dirt out of it. When the two main culprits are out, you can expect the pimple to clear up in no time.

You can get rid of pimples overnight using toothpaste. Many people find it highly beneficial for this purpose. Take some toothpaste on the tip of your finger and apply it on the pimple in such a way that the entire pimple is covered up with the toothpaste properly. Leave it on the pimple overnight. Next morning when you wash it off with warm water, you will be pleasantly surprised with the result. The trick is that the toothpaste absorb all the oil from the pimple and reduce its size so much that it becomes invisible. However, a toothpaste with gel content is not suitable for this treatment.

Baking Soda
Baking soda is considered as one of the best home remedies for getting rid of pimples overnight. Prepare a thick paste using one cup of baking soda, 3 tablespoons of salt and some water. Rub this paste gently over the affected areas of your face making small circular motions. Leave it on the acne for few minutes and then wash your face with cool water. The exfoliant property of the salt removes the dead skin cells from the pores. The baking soda soften up the skin and restore the normal pH balance of the skin. As a result, the pimple clears up fast.

Egg Mask
A simple egg mask can help you in getting rid of pimples from your face. Take one or two eggs as per your requirement. Break them and separate the white portion of the eggs from the yolk. It is the egg white that you need to apply as facial mask on your face. Keep it on the face overnight and then wash off with cold water.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is known for its healing and disinfecting properties. To apply it, start with washing the face thoroughly with an antibacterial soap. Pat dry with a towel and then taking a cotton ball apply apple cider vinegar evenly on the affected skin. Leave on for fifteen minutes before washing it off with cold water.

Clear Acne Scars Naturally:

Tea Tree Oil: This natural oil is also very effective to clear acne scars fast but make sure to purchase pure tea tree oil from a reliable source. This approach, that involves applying 2-3 drops of tea tree oil on the scar, has proven beneficial to clear the scars.

Honey: Usage of honey is yet another way to erase those unsightly marks. However, before you use this natural remedy, exfoliating the skin is very important. Use of exfoliating brush removes the dead cells that have accumulated on the scars. Applying honey after gentle exfoliation ensures successful removal of acne scars at the earliest.

So, after you gently exfoliate the affected area for around 2-3 minutes, take Manuka honey and spread it on the skin showing scars. Once, you have applied it properly, let it remain for 20 minutes. Then rinse your face using warm water and natural soap. Follow this skin care regimen for about a month and you will definitely notice healthy glowing skin free from acne scars.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E tops the list of nutrients when it comes to overall well-being of the skin. The nutrient protects the skin from the ravaging effects of free radicals. Hence, it is no surprising that topical use of vitamin E lotion can work wonders to eliminate acne scars. Application of vitamin E lotion twice daily that does not contain any mineral oil can definitely lead to substantial reduction of acne scars. Instead of lotion, one may use vitamin E oil and then leave it on the face for 15 minutes. You are then expected to wash your face with a mild cleanser.

Pureed Fruit: Pureed fruits like apple and pineapple are full of ascorbic acid, an important ingredient of many skin care products. Ascorbic acid has shown to be beneficial in lightening acne scars and improving the look of the skin. Gently rub the puree of pineapple or apple on the face. Allow it to settle and do not remove it for 15 minutes. You can then wash it off with warm water.

Lemon Juice: Daily application of fresh lemon juice (3-4 drops) on the acne scars can also help to clear this skin problem as early as possible. For severe acne scars, application of lemon juice may only lighten the scar, and might not remove it entirely.

Take care! Mama Bear


Nancy asks…

What is the best way to get rid of redness on the face?

I don’t like using makeup to make my face look less red. I’m a 14 year old who has acne and i at least want the redness on my face to go down. I don’t really like store bought product like clean and clear or pro-active. So yeah any advice or answers?

admin answers:

Most of us will agree that bright red pimples on the cheeks are an unsightly sight, and need to be removed as soon as possible. In the natural course the redness subsides within two to three days. But most teenagers are not willing to wait this long. They want to reduce the redness of the pimple the same day. To do so, they often pinch the pimples. This only causes unnecessary irritation of the skin and aggravates acne and inflammation further.

A better way is to use home remedies to reduce the redness. One such remedy is the toothpaste. It has been used for generations as an effective means to reduce the redness. To get best results, you should apply a small quantity of toothpaste over the pimple, and leave it overnight. When you wash it off in the morning you will find that the swelling has gone down. The toothpaste also protects the accumulation of oils near the pimple and helps the pimples to heal faster. However, you should not use the gel form of the toothpaste for this purpose.

A gentle exfoliation pack also does the trick. It removes traces of oil, dirt and dead cells from the skin and tightens up the pores. If you have an oily skin then it is advisable to use a charcoal mask.

Freshly extracted cucumber or tomato juice is another natural remedy that tightens up the pores and cuts down the redness drastically. You should apply the juice evenly around the face and leave it on for around fifteen minutes before washing it with lukewarm water. Even a half cut tomato rubbed gently over the face produces the same effect as does apple cider vinegar, which works like an astringent. It dies the pimple and reduces the redness.

Another inexpensive method is to place an icepack over the pimple for a few minutes. However, while doing so you should not try to crush the pimple because this may break the pustule, and the pus will flow out. But when applied gently, the ice pack will reduce both the swelling and redness.

Bactericidal antibiotics and ointments can also be used for reducing redness. You can also make use of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid preparations for this purpose. Many doctors advise against the excessive use of salicylic acid since there are many side effects associated with it.

However, if you suffer from persistent acne outbreaks then it is advisable to consult a dermatologist. ;)

These are safe as well as quite easy on your pocket.

Resist the urge to attack when these plugged sebaceous glands pop up. In other words, don’t pop your pimples, this can cause infections and even scarring.
Keep in mind that a combination of hormonal activity, a buildup of bacteria and the shedding of dead skin cells causes pimples. Do what you can to prevent a breakout by establishing a skin-care routine appropriate for your skin type.
Have patience. It could take up to one month for a blemish to disappear completely. The less you poke at it, the better.
Buy an antibacterial, oil-free concealer that can blend the redness of the pimple into your own skin color. Green shades tend to offset redness the best. (This might not be an option for those who don’t wear makeup.)
Try a facial mud mask. This may shrink a pimple.
Realize that despite the happy teens in the commercials, “zit zapping” solutions, medications you apply directly to pimples, don’t do much more than dry out the top layer of skin covering the pimples. These medications don’t provide a long-term cure.
If you are going to break the rules by “extracting the blemish,” aesthetician-speak for popping your pimple, wash your hands, then lightly squeeze the top of the pimple with a tissue or cotton swab. Clean the area thoroughly when you’re done. If nothing happens, leave the pimple alone until it’s ready to pop.
Apply a benzol peroxide acne medication to the pimple and avoid applying medication to the surrounding area.
Ingredients: Garlic
Instructions: Crush a clove of garlic and rub juice on effected area. Fresh garlic will kill the bacteria and your pimples will disappear with regular applications. Also try eating a clove or two of raw garlic.

Ingredients: Calamine Lotion
Instructions: Cleanse your face with astringent before bed, apply a thick layer of Calamine lotion to pimple area and rinse off in the morning.

Ingredients: Egg whites
Instructions: Place egg whites all over your face like a mask. Let it dry, and rinse with warm water. Repeat daily until pimples are gone. This remedy will keep your face pimple free.

Ingredients: Toothpaste
Instructions: Apply toothpaste to affected areas (not gel), before bed. Wash off in the morning. This home remedy for pimples really works, with quick results!

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Salt
Instructions: Mix three tablespoons of salt with four tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl or container. Put the mixture in a washcloth or on your fingers and scrub in face. Works

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Get Rid Of Acne On Back

Paul asks…

How do you get rid of acne (white heads, black heads, the whole thing)?

School starts tomorrow and while i don’t need a miracle in a day, I just want to know how to clear it up in the fastest amount of time. So what is the best treatment to get rid of acne?

admin answers:

You never get rid of acne, you can keep the flare ups at bay. You need to stick with a specific skin care line (neutrogena for example). And also, keep in mind that some acne needs the treatment of a dermatologist, that is determined once your skin care line of choice fails to control your acne.

William asks…

How to get rid of acne with a person that has oily skin?

I have been trying to get rid of acne for a long time and is having a hard time. I am having problems finding a good products that help get rid of acne and black spots with oily skin. Please help me :(

admin answers:

Hi there,

Here are 6 effective ways that fight acne naturally …

Herbal acne remedies seek to remedy the root cause of acne, which may represent more serious, unrecognized health problems. The truth is, the exact cause of acne remains unknown, often being triggered by a number of factors. Based on the factor that is mostly likely to trigger your acne, the herbal remedy will be applicable.

Factors that may contribute to acne include; imbalanced hormones, poor digestion, slow liver and bowel function and nutritional deficiencies all contribute to acne. Herbal acne treatment usually involves using herbal preparations topically and taking herbs specifically aimed at treating the cause of acne.

Essential Oils have shown great promise as a treatment for a number of skin conditions, particularly acne.

Note: As a rule, they should not be applied in their pure form, as some of these are very potent. You can dilute them or mix them with Grape seed Oil.

1. Lavender Oil
Apply lavender oil directly on the areas of acne or add a couple of drops of lavender oil to a plain cream sold at a drug store and use as a moisturizer or cleanser. In addition to smelling heavenly, lavender is also highly effective in fighting acne. It is effective mainly due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Member of have commented and sworn by Lavenders ability to not only fight acne, but also reduce the redness, and it makes the skin baby soft! It eliminates the bacteria that cause the acne, after which it fixes the balance of the excess secretion of sebum, which the bacteria live on, and reduces the scars and redness left by acne.

2. Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil has outstanding antibacterial properties making it an effective treatment for acne, acting quickly. Studies have indicated that this is an effective treatment, with minimal side effects. In addition, it relieves rashes and burns, removes dandruff, and treats warts and other fungal infections.

3. Bergamot Oil
In addition to having this great, citrusy scent, Bergamot Oil proves to be effective in fighting acne. It has outstanding drying properties, keeps excess oil on our face in check, which normally triggers break outs. Bergamot oil has heavy antiseptic and antibiotic therapeutic properties; consequently it is helpful to sort out tricky skin conditions. Bergamot oil can be used in a diversity of methods such as creams, lotions and steam treatments.

You can read more on the given source/link below … :)

Hope this helps you …



James asks…

How to get rid of acne and pimples?

is there some homemade remedies to get rid of acne and pimples to solve the problem ?

admin answers:

Have you tried bathing nude in mud?

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Treatments For Acne Marks

Steven asks…

What treatment should i use for acne pigmented scars?

I have alot of acne pigment marks on my face. I’m thinking of going for some facial treatment to help remove those pigmented scars. Can anyone recommend me what type of treatment to go for from experience? I heard micro debrasion may be used to help remove those pigmentation but does that work effectively or how many treatments must i take before i see clear results?
If micro dermabrasion is the way to go.. then how long usually do i have to wait between treatments?

admin answers:

Try apple cider vinager. Its cheap effective and all natural. Check it out.

Thomas asks…

What gets rid of major acne? [People with experience only please]?

How do I get rid of serious Acne/Marks on my face?
I’ve tried multiple things. But non have worked.
Is there something I have to do to make them go away faster?

Things to stay away from?

admin answers:

Dont put oil on your face unless you happen to be forty too. You should see your doctor for some differin gel and/or clindamycin topical solution or benzaclyn cream. The latter two are just two
topical disinfectants (there are other ones) that will kill the acne bacteria on your face and they are better formulated than drugstore products (if you dislike BP you’ll get clindamycin topical solution).

Differin gel is a synthetic retin, so like Retin A, it is capable of speeding up your skin shedding cycle and keeping your pores clear of clogs (also helps with red marks, acne scars, and wrinkles). It’s weaker than retin a so its not so harsh and it also has some sort of antimicrobial action to it so its basically everything you’d want in an acne treatmen.

ALSO: all of the effective treatments for acne make you break out worse and you usually have to use them for at least a month before you start to see real improvement. Spot treating btw, is not effective because all of that acne on your face took weeks to form (its too late to stop what’s already formed) so the best way tor treat acne it to prevent it from forming (you cannot do that with face washes). This could be a big reason why nothing has worked for you.

If you have painful inflamatory acne then you should really consider going on antibiotics, birth control, or even accutane if none of the other treatments work for you b/c this sort of acne needs more than topical treatments to keep it under control, and you definitely need to keel it under control otherwise it can scar you. Changing your diet also helps this sort of acne (food doesn’t cause it but it can inflame it and make it worse). Usually people’s acne is aggravated by dairy, sugar, processed or fatty foods etc.

If you dont have insurance then go to–in fact go to regardless cause everything you want to know about acne is on that site.

Paul asks…

How do I get rid of back acne scars?

I have acne marks all over my back and shoulders they are flat but brown in color. The acne is under control now. I’m afraid to take my shirt off, would never go swimming in a pool, and it sucks because I’m athletic. I really want to do microdermabrasion, however I do not know how effective it really is.

admin answers:

Try putting toothpaste (paste, NOT gel) on your face, cover it with a bandage, and keep it on all night. When you wash it off in the morning your acne will look better. The astringent and surfactant nature of the toothpaste will help diminish the appearance of pimples. But the toothpaste has been known to burn sensitive skin of the face, so be careful. If your face does burn, stop acne treatments and work on healing your burn.

Try using Bentonite Clay, a natural mineral powder which has been known to absorb impurities and help neutralise the skin’s oiliness, and can be found online. Mix 2 tablespoons with a dash of cold water and smooth over the face as a thick paste. Once dried gently wipe off with a flannel or sponge.

Another way to zap pimples is shaving cream. Apply it to your pimple and it will dry it up. It disappears by morning, but washes your face after waking up. If nothing is working for you, drink four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted with water daily. It works very well for some people and is worth a try. Another good solution is aloe Vera gel fresh from the plant, taken orally.

Best of Luck….

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Acne Treatments While Pregnant

Donna asks…

Will accutane get rid of my extremely severe painful acne for good?

I am 23 years old and started getting acne around 21 years old but it wasn’t as bad. It started getting worse as the months went by. It got soooo bad to the point were last October (my wedding day:( I had to keep a Kleenex with me because the pustulates would burst in the middle of the ceremony(pretty much all the time at any time by that point) I attempted suicide due to this complex and problem bc of the severe depression that accompanied it.

I believe the medication risperadal which messed my body up big time (gained weight, stopped menstral cycle completely, water retention, the beginning of acne).

I tried every topical medication u can think of from proactive, clearsil, neutragina (basically ALL drugstore treatments), dieting, exersizing, herbs teas, natural remedies (honey, apple cider vinagar, oatmeal stuff) nada. I did my research and realised it’s a hormonal problem so I went to obgyn and got birth control (ortho tricyclin lo) and it completely took all the acne away which was awesome and although it was a higher dose of hormones then the regular ortho tricyclin it did make me bitchy and sometimes crazy but that was the price I had to pay (more so my family) to not have that disgusting face.

I got off of all medications including birth control to go all natural and detox my bOdy so I can try to get pregnant (my husband and I FINALLY got out of our rough patch financially and emotionally, we have a beautiful home, stable careers, and our daughter is BEGGING for siblings she’s almost 5) so I want to get healthy to conceive.

However, now that I’m off the bc, the acne is coming back in full force. I read that accutane kills the acne and regulates or something the sebaceous glands from over producing oil.

My question is, if I go on te accutane therapy and finish it, will the acne go away and will the problem stop for good? And will I later be able to become pregnant? Anyone have experience with this??? Your feedback would be appreciated. Thank you all

admin answers:

Accutane is serious business. If your acne can be cleared with Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo, you most likely don’t need something as extreme as Accutane. It tends to have pretty adverse effects for people who don’t have bad enough acne to take it. Another internal prescription might work.
Accutane is actually supposed to be a last resort for people who have tried every other prescription first without success. I would run away from any dermatologist who wanted to prescribe Accutane without trying several other internal prescriptions first.

Accutane usually cures patients for good after the first treatment. But if you have very severe or genetic acne, it can come back after awhile & you will have to do another treatment. It’s not uncommon for Accutane patients to go through 2 or 3 treatments. But for those who need it, it can be a miracle cure.
It does not “regulate” sebum production. It almost completely stops it. It basically depletes your entire body of any moisture at all. It dries you out like the Sahara – your skin, your hair/scalp, your eyes, your bones, your muscles, joints, cartilege, organs, absolutely everything. It also turns your face red & thins your skin out like tissue paper so you have to completely avoid sun exposure. It also drastically slows your body’s healing abilities so even a scratch can take months to go away.
Like I said, it’s serious business. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

You must use 2 effective forms of birth control while taking it also because it causes severe birth defects. Usually they will put you back on the pill (probably Ortho Tri-cyclen since that works for you) and the other form is up to you. You must also register in the iPledge system where you will confirm your 2 types of birth control and fill out a questionnaire each month before your Accutane prescription can be refilled.

You must also get monthly pregnancy tests at the dermatologist’s office, and monthly blood tests at a clinic so they can monitor your vital organs & make sure they’re still working properly.

Also, Accutane is insanely expensive if you don’t have health insurance.

You will be able to get pregnant about a month or so after your treatment stops. You must take birth control for 1 month after stopping Accutane, and have another pregnancy test. After that, you’re free to do whatever you want, but I would recommend waiting several months before you try to get pregnant. It can take up to 12 months for Accutane to completely filter out of your system.

Sharon asks…

Does anyone know any good over the counter acne products?

My mom is putting off the dermatoligest for some time now and i RELE want to go. she says tat she’ll take me some time after school starts. So in the meantime, does any1 know of any effective acne products that aren’t perscirbed?

admin answers:

It depends on how bad your acne is.

If you have mild acne- Clearisil. [Did I spell that right?] Lol. It doesn’t work great for moderate acne but for mild ance it is very good. My friend tried that and LOVED IT!!!!!!

For mild-moderate acne buy the mary-kay acne products. They work really well- my sister uses them and has very nice skin. I would recomend them!!!!

For moderate acne I would highly recommend the clean & clear acne kit or w/e it’s called. It is stronger than Clearisil- so will fight breakouts better. It comes with 3 treatments that work together fabulously to prevent and treat your acne. The smallest tube is the best- it practically clears up acne overnight!


For moderate-severe acne- I am sorry but you might have to see a dermetologist. I’d see if he or she could subscribe DIFFERIN. I have only heard positive reviews of it.

If your acne is severe: Ask your dermetologist about Isotretioin[Accutane]. It supposivily works great. But, it has SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many serious side effects. For example- stroke, depression, etc. It will give you a serious breakout the first two weeks- but only because it is getting out everything under your skin. One session can last about 6 months. You can NOT get pregnant while on this pill for it causes seious birth defects. This is only for very severe acne[and partcially rosacea] so if your acne is only moderate don’t do it. You lips will be chapped and your nose will be so dry it will bleed. It is also quite expensive.

Whatever you do- DO NOT use zeno. It is extremly expensive for a device that only cures acne slightly and does not prevent it AT ALL.

And say NO to proactiv. IT DOES NOT WORK FOR EVERYBODY! On the commercials they try to make it seem like a miracle- well NEWSFLASH its not. I def. Wouldn’t recommend it.

Well I hope I helped you and good luck! =]

Thomas asks…

How can i make my acne go away fast?

I have bad acne and proative dose not work. nothing is. what do i do?

admin answers:

Hi Avery.

TREATMENT OF ACNE (Self-Care at Home)

1• Wash once or twice daily with soap and water to remove excess oil from the skin. An acne cleanser purchased over-the-counter in any drug store can also be helpful. Avoid scrubbing too abrasively because this can actually irritate the skin and cause acne to worsen.

2• Over-the-counter acne medications can be used either at bedtime or during the day. Always follow the directions on any acne product.

3• Many cover-up products are available without a prescription to improve the appearance of blemishes while they have a chance to heal. Most work well and should not worsen acne.

4• Some cosmetics and other skin care products, however, can cause acne to worsen. Look for make-up, cosmetics, and skin care products labeled with the word noncomedogenic. This means that it does not cause or worsen acne.

TREATMENT OF ACNE (Medical Treatment)

Many treatment options are available to treat all forms of acne. Medications are the main treatment for acne and usually work well. Several preparations are available over-the-counter, while others require a prescription from a doctor.

1• Over-the-counter medications: Nonprescription or over-the-counter medications for acne are plentiful and can be effective for milder forms of acne. They come in the form of soaps, washes, and cleansers.

…1.a. Many contain benzoyl peroxide, which does two things. First, benzoyl peroxide kills the acne-causing bacteria, which are thought to play a role in acne. Second, benzoyl peroxide can cause drying and flaking off of skin, which can help prevent the pores from becoming plugged. Plugged pores can develop into acne blemishes.

…1.b. Scrubbing excessively with any over-the-counter preparation can actually cause acne to worsen by additionally irritating the hair follicles.

2• Prescription medications: Doctors can prescribe medications when acne becomes moderate to severe or is not controlled by over-the-counter medications. Prescription drugs can be used effectively alone or in combination with other prescription and nonprescription medications.

…2.a. Antibiotics: Antibiotics can be effective in treating most inflammatory acne (papules and pustules). They work by killing the bacteria and also by decreasing the redness and swelling seen in the inflammatory forms of acne.

……2.a.i. Antibiotics may be applied to the skin in the form of gels and lotions, or by way of pills. We now know that using a combination of 2 medications together may be very effective in treating acne. Using a topical antibiotic with topical benzoyl peroxide, for example, may prevent bacterial resistance to the antibiotic. Giving an antibiotic by mouth is often needed for acne that is more extensive, red, and tender.

……2.a.ii. Antibiotics taken by mouth can be associated with more side effects than if applied to the skin and may interact with other medicines such as birth control pills. Sensitivity to the sun can result in a “bad sunburn” in some people who take the antibiotic tetracycline by mouth.

…2.b. Retinoids: Medicines made from vitamin A (retinoids) are useful in treating several types of acne lesions. Topical retinoids are effective in treating the noninflammatory types of acne (blackheads and whiteheads).

……2.b.i. Topical retinoids (applied directly to the skin) help to open clogged pores by creating a mild peeling effect. Drying of the skin can be a frequent side effect. Oral retinoids are reserved for treating the more extensive nodular type of acne or severe inflammatory acne, which has not responded to other treatments. Oral retinoids not only have a peeling effect but also decrease the production of oil.

……2.b.ii. They can also be associated with a number of serious side effects including birth defects in babies of women who become pregnant while taking the medicine. They can also cause elevated blood fats (triglycerides) and damage to the liver. Your doctor may recommend certain blood tests to check for these problems (and to make sure you are not pregnant) if you are given oral retinoids. Depression and suicidal thoughts have been reported while taking oral retinoids.

……2.b.iii. A combination preparation, known as Epiduo gel, containing both the retinoid adapalene and benzoyl peroxide, was approved by the U.S. FDA in December 2008. The once-daily prescription treatment was approved for use in patients 12 years of age and older.

…2.c. Other medications: A doctor may recommend other types of drugs or therapy to improve acne. For women, medications such as birth control pills or certain “water pills” may be helpful. These drugs counteract the acne-causing effect of male hormones. Newer treatments for acne include the use of light or zinc. Your doctor can advise you whether these types of acne therapy might be good for you.

Take Care. Regards.

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Get Rid Of Acne Fast Home Remedy

Michael asks…

How to get rid of back acne?

So I have been struggling with back acne for a few months now and I’ve trying numerous products that’s supposed to treat back acne and nothing has worked! I am planning on trying proactiv soon, but I have a retreat coming up and there is going to be a lot of swimming. Which means wearing a swim suit, which means the acne need to go! And fast! What are some home remedies for acne?

admin answers:

Nutorgena body wash is good and get a some moisturizer and drink plenty of water

Chris asks…

Are there any home remedies that get rid of acne?

There are little acne bumps on my lower forehead and one small one between my eyebrows.
I’ve tried so many facial scrubs, washes, lotions, masks that suppository “treat” acne. Is there any good home remedies that clears acne? Or should I just drink a lot of water and lay off the sugar? I’ve read that plain oatmeal mixed with honey treats acne, but i’m not sure what type of oatmeal to use. Please help, thanks :)

admin answers:

Use a mild soap for sensitive skin but it doesn’t matter exactly what type of soap you use. It can be designed for acne-prone skin or not, but you will want to treat your skin gently. Harsh antibacterial soap may actually make your acne worse by irritating skin.

Remove dead skin cells regularly by exfoliating. Use a gentle scrub with natural defoliants like ground walnut shells, or use an over-the-counter chemical defoliant like salicylic acid or glycolic acid. Adding ground walnut shell to a thick moisturizer like cocoa butter can be effective too. Take caution, because over-exfoliating can actually increase the likelihood of acne by irritating the skin. Pat dry, rather than rubbing, since rubbing can cause irritation to the fresh skin you’ve just revealed.

Use a good toner. Spray onto face or wipe on with a cotton ball and wipe off with a clean, dry cotton ball. This gets rid of excess cleanser and tightens pores. Good, inexpensive choices include plain witch hazel for normal to dry skin, lemon juice, or 3% hydrogen peroxide for oily skin. 70% ethyl rubbing alcohol can also be used for severe oiliness, but it can really dry out your skin and irritate it more. Some toners are medicated, and this stage is the best for using a medicated product if you’re only going to use one medication.

Bacteria in pores is one cause of spots. Reduce the amount of bacteria by using toners containing anti-bacterial agents like alcohol, peroxide and benzalkonium chloride, and by using creams that contain benzoyl peroxide (ask your doctor about benzaclin, with moisturizer if you have dry skin, as it works better than just plain benzoyl because benzoyl takes up to 8 weeks before improvement is seen) which kill bacteria as well as cause the skin to regenerate faster.


Paul asks…

How to get rid of pimples quick?

ok so there is a party at my house in two days and i have two huge pimples on my face, and i dont know how to get rid of them fast. any home remedies to get rid of the pimple marks or the pimple itself?

admin answers:

All of these answers are really good, but I’m gonna have to go with the first answer on the this one.
To reduce the size in one night.. Boiling hot water on a rag usually does it for me.
I just run really hot water onto a rag and press it against my pimple. I do this for about 3 minutes. I’d do 5 minutes TOPS. This kills any bacteria that would be underneath the skin, and in the pimple.
And yes, it’ll leave your face pretty red but that goes way within 5 minutes so don’t worry about that.

Before hand though, you wanna wash your face. Take two cutips and squeeze your pimple together, THEN use the hot water on it. After that.. You can put acne medication on it, and a moisturizer then you’re good to go girl!

Good luck with your pimple! (I have a big one now and I’m about to do the exact same thing tonight)

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