Acne Hormones

A new phrase has been spread across the world recently, acne hormones. What is it and why are hormones involved in how and why we have acne? Hormones, if you did not know, play a major role in the spread of acne. Different types of people take on acne in different ways, some for example do not even get acne, whilst others suffer for it during their teenager years. There are a minority of people who have acne throughout their whole lives including their adult years and still do not know why they have it.

I will explain more about different types of people such as men and women and how each of their hormonal bodies respond to acne.

Males – Males generally have less of a problem with acne then women do, although not everyone gets them, people who do are typically picked on and called nerds. Males who have acne do not have any sort of a ‘condition’ many factors might play into why these people have acne.

Some factors include a diet; what types of foods are these

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