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Donald asks…

What happens if I store an acne treatment at high temperature?

My acne treatment states I should not store it above 25°C. Unfortunately, I left it in my car for three hours at high temperature. Does that solution remain effective and/or safe to use after high temperature exposure?

admin answers:

Here are some remedies to treat acne:

Maria asks…

What is the best acne treatment out there?

I use to use Proactiv but after 3 years it stopped working and now that I am in college I broke out like crazy! I have seriously spend so much money on acne treatments, I am currently using Pronexin but I doubt it is working either. I don’t know what else to do.

admin answers:

A professional dermatologist will be able to help you.

Helen asks…

how much are laser acne treatments in california ?

how much are laser acne treatments in california ? i know in different states the prices vary from one another.

admin answers:

I think its not necessary to go with laser treatment for acne.

It is recommended to visit before going for any treatment. Its nice and true. You may be seen this on TV also.

Best Wishes.

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