Acne Treatments

Helen asks…

What’s a great acne treatment you have used that has actually worked?

I have a greasy complexion, and that in addition to stress, it has taken a toll on my skin. Is there an acne treatment that you have used that has actually worked for you?

admin answers:

Proactiv really works, you have to be consistent with it though. I personally love it. It can be kind of drying but since you said you have oily skin it would probably be perfect for you.

Betty asks…

Is it kind of rude to get someone acne treatment for their birthday?

It’s my best friend. It’s not just any acne treatment either it’s the range from the Body Shop! The tea tree oil range…
I know she’s trying to get rid of some spots but I’m not sure whether I should get her the stuff cus it might upset her?
How about a gift card to a really nice jewelry store, then?
I tried choosing her earrings but we like really different things so it’s hard for me. I’m worried this might look a bit impersonal though. But I thought we could go and choose it together?

admin answers:

I think it might upset her. I would feel pretty self conscious if someone got that for me? Best to get her something else I think.

Sandra asks…

What acne treatment works the best?

I have tried a lot of different acne treatments, but none seem to be working. I used Proactive and Clinque. I am still breaking out in acne and it seems to have gotten worse. Is there any other ones that work?

admin answers:

Acne is a type of disease. Fortunately, dermatologists can cure it. If the products you use don’t work, this is the best thing to do.
I dealt with acne for years before seeing somebody about it. Now that I look literally a million times better, I regret not going much sooner. You don’t have to have acne, it’s curable!

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