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Mandy asks…

How long does x out acne treatment take to work?

Before I order x out I wanna know how long it takes to work. Its for my daughter. She starts school August 19. Please tell me if it will work by then and how long did it take. Please. I really need the help. How long does x out acne treatment take to work. THANKS

admin answers:

Normally it takes about 14 days before you see some results. First it seems to get worse but than it gets better, so the is a close date and she might be still in the fight with acne. She should use as well a good washing lotion twice a day and than most of it should be gone in the next 4 weeks..

Michael asks…

Is soap and water the best acne treatment?

I was wondering if soap and water is the best acne treatment. I have mild to moderate acne but don’t like having any! I also touch my face kind of a lot! :(
Please help with anything you can, I was also thinking about using Clean and Clear?

admin answers:

I use
clean and clear face wash EVERYDAY! And then after i use aloe lotion.
My face is soft and blemish free! =)
goodluck =)
after eating greasy foods or any food….DONT touch your face. Wash your hands….grease is probably the main reason why you have acne…because we all touch our faces after we touch railings or food…

Maria asks…

When should I start using salycic acid products (products containing acne treatment)?

I used to have clear skin but now i have quite alot of acne on the left side of my forehead. Right now I am using a simple neutrogena facewash with no acne treatment products in it. When should i start using salycic acid products?

admin answers:

You can use it whenever you want to. Even on clear skin to prevent future breakouts.

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