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Maria asks…

According to their commercials, which OTC acne treatment works better than Proactiv?

I recently caught the end of an over the counter acne treatment commercial claiming to work better than Proactiv Solution. I have used the latter for years and love it, but wouldn’t mind saving some money!!! The problem is, I can’t remember what the new brand is. . . .
Thanks for your input!

admin answers:

A Dermatologist will be your best bet, you will be amazed at what they can do for you.

Charles asks…

Do I apply my acne treatment before or after I moisturize?

My acne treatment is Patricia Wexler MD Dermatology Acne spot treatment, it has 10% benozyl peroxide and I think it’s sulfur based. When putting lotion after I apply it, it’s hard to put it on since it has these tiny beads.

admin answers:

I usually moisturize my skin after I put on the stuff .

Laura asks…

Can acne treatments make my hair fall out?

I’ve been using an oil free acne wash twice a day and my hair started falling off. Is it because of the acne treatment? Because i use it on my forehead and it gets in my hair sometimes. I’m fourteen by the way.

admin answers:

Doctor please

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