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Thomas asks…

what is the best acne treatments for severe breakouts on the forehead?

lately ive been breaking out on my forehead. ive been using so many acne treatments from sacylic acid to benozoyol peroxide and NOTHING is working. the rest of my face has 1, maybe 2 pimples, but on my forehead theres a breakout of too many to count! im really getting stressed out because the pimples are so huge i cant even cover them with makeup! what is an effective treatment for my acne that i can buy at any local drugstore?

admin answers:

The tricky part about acne is that the problem can actually become worse if you overmedicate. That’s because acne medication can overdry the skin, causing a boost in your skin’s Sebum (oil) production. This results in…you guessed it – more acne.

So what’s the long term solution? Find gentler solutions or even natural acne cures that won’t shock your body into more breakouts. Here’s what I recommend:

- Use a glycerin based facewash. Glycerin is gentler and will balance the ph levels in your skin.
- For body acne, try using an antibacterial soap to slowly dry out the skin. If your skin gets too dry, switch to a moisterizing soap like Dove to counterbalance the effect.
- Wash your face only 2 times a day max and gently pat dry with a towel.
- Use a gentle face moisterizer if the glycerin based face wash drys you out too much.
- Eat almonds, fiber, drink lots of water and avoid excess sugar intake.
- If acne medication isn’t working or causing new breakouts, try applying egg whites to the pimples at night before bed. This natural remedy works great.
- One of my favorite natural skin conditioners is wearing an “oatmeal mask”. The oatmeal with smooth your skin while simultaneously absorb toxins and oils from your pores.

For more great remedies, check out the Source link Below.

Best of Luck!

Richard asks…

How can I get rid of acne without using anti-acne treatments?

Most anti-acne treatments make my skin worse due to allergic reaction. My skin is very sensitive making bumps and acne stand out even more! So what can I do, that I will almost likely not be allergic too?

admin answers:

I have found many ways that people say works for them and i have only tried a few but they should work depending on what skin type you have. Also if you have drier skin, like me, you might want to avoid acne products unless they say for dry skin or they will irritate your skin. Some things you can do are:

-rub an ice cube on the pimple for about 15 minutes and if it gets way too cold you can take it off for a little break. Some people say its best when you do this three times a day and do not use any acne products when doing this.

-take a bowl of warm water and put a lot of salt in it. Then dip one cotton ball in the water for 30 seconds and squeeze the excess water out so it doesnt drip, but dont drain all the water out. Then take the cotton ball and put it on you pimple for about 3 minutes and then take it off. Your pimple should look smaller but if you dont do the next step it will reappear within the next few hours! You should take two clean cotton balls and place one on each side of the pimple. Then move the two cotton balls toward the pimple to flatten it out. After you have flatten it, it is recommended to put honey on top.

-take some toothpaste and put it on the affected area. Some people leave it on for about 10 minutes and other people sleep on it. The toothpaste you use should be a basic white one, but you DO NOT WANT A WHITENING TOOTHPASTE. If you use a whitening toothpaste it might make the acne worse.

Also for me i like using clean and clear oil removal wipes. They work really well and you can actually see the oil that is removed on the wipe. Make sure you drink water throughout the day because this will make your skin hydrated! Hope this helped!!!!

Michael asks…

How old should you be before you start using acne treatments?

How old should you be- or how old do you have to be- when you start using acne treatments like Pro Active?

admin answers:

You should use it once you start getting acne there is no set age. Good luck

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