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Helen asks…

What is the best acne treatment if you have dry skin?

I have extremely dry skin, however I still have a problem with acne on my chin and the sides of my cheeks. I was wondering what acne treatments or face washes work well for getting rid of acne but won’t dry out my skin more than what it already is. Thanks!

admin answers:

Ugh acne is frustrating!!!..but we are alot of like…i had the same thing..i had a few pimples on my chin and i had alot of acne on the sides of my cheeks!!! I use clearisil daily cleansing scrub
it is gentle enough to use everyday
in fact,my sister told me not to use it everyday because it will dry out my face and i still continued to use it daily…WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!!!…removed all oil dirt and unclogged my poures…but still left plenty of moisture.
This product is available at publix,walmart,target,and walgreens. Id imaging in other stores too!

Now i will not lie to you
it dose NOT work overnight so u need patience
i worked for me in 4 days.
You wont notice a differenct probbly the first 2 days
but dont give up or get discouraged because tho you cant see it working,it really is..

I HIGHLY reccomend this
and i hhope it will work for u

P.s. The daily cleansing pads work just as well
and they will be located right next to the daily scrub in the store :)

Sharon asks…

What are some old back in the days natral acne treatments?

I have acne in my face & i want them gone so i can see my beautiful dark skin 4 once ! What are some weird,disquistinq,old all natural acne treatments that are EFFECTIVE ???

admin answers:

Acne requires a multi-faceted approach. If you have acne clean your skin gently, ry not to touch your skin when your hands are not clean, and avoid the sun.

The three basics of acne treatment are to (1) unclog pores, (2) kill bacteria, and (3) minimize oil. Use mild exfoliating cleansers to unclog your pores. Use benzoyl peroxide to kill the bacteria. Get rid of oil on the surface of your skin by using a gentle toner. Generally drug store brands will do each of these things well. You don’t need to spend a fortune.

These are all good basic skin regimens that may help with the acne battle:

Cleanse twice daily with a 5% benzoyl peroxide wash. An alternative for those who are allergic to benzoyl peroxide is 2% salicylic acid.

Apply a gel or cream containing 5% benzoyl peroxide; an alternative is sulfur or resorcinol.

At night, apply a spot cream containing sulfur to the affected areas.

Use a light skin moisturizer and oil-free makeup.

If you try all these approaches and it still does not seem to work, it is time to consult your doctor. You may need a prescription medication approach to deal with your acne.

And read the information at these sites. You may find other ideas that will help you.


Susan asks…

Can anyone recommend other acne treatment besides proactive and skin id?

I’ve used proactive and skin id for about 6 months each, without noticing any favorable results. I have mild acne, 21 years old, on a healthy diet and exercise 5 days a week. Any suggestions on acne treatments that work?

admin answers:

Well,I do have terrible acne and I found that my skin type is sensitive skin and it makes me harder to find the right products that I could use to reduce my acne.That is when I tried Clinique 3 Steps Skincare Regime and it really works for my acne and now I have less breakouts after 3 months usage and I only need to work on my scars from my previous acne to improve my skin complexion.Since Clinique 3 Steps works for all skin types,I would recommend you to try this product since it has the basics of skincare regime and work wonders on your skin.However,you could also try these homemade remedies if you want to improve your chance of healing.Good luck trying these at home(:

Honey Paste-Another easy and effective homemade acne treatment is to make a paste of honey with cinnamon and nutmeg. All you need is about one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and about half of it nutmeg powder. Add some honey to make enough paste to cover the inflammed area completely. Just lie down as honey may dribble down. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and wash with luke warm water.

Orange peel-Homemade Acne Treatment using Orange peel has been found very effective. Pound the orange peel with water on a piece of stone and apply to acne affected areas.

Basil tea-Basil tea like neem is effective in killing bacteria. Drinking it twice a day can do wonders to the skin.

Coconut Oil-Coconut oil is a cheap and easily available acne solution. Regular use of coconut oil over a period of time helps to clear your skin.

Lemon Juice-A simple remedy at home for acne: Apply lemon juice regularly to reduce pimples and acne. This has proven beneficial results.

Well,these are the remedies that work gentle on your skin while getting rid of acne.Hope this helps and great skin wishes

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