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Sharon asks…

What happens if I store an acne treatment at high temperature?

My acne treatment states I should not store it above 25°C. Unfortunately, I left it in my car for three hours at high temperature. Does that solution remain effective and/or safe to use after high temperature exposure?

admin answers:

It will probably be okay to use (unless it says not to on the bottle) but it may not be as effective. I’ve left mine in the car before and it just seemed to be more of a cleanser after wards, instead of acne treatment.

Nancy asks…

What acne treatment system is right for me?

I’m confused with all of the info-mercials and what acne treatment system will treat my skin. I have mild acne and normal-to-dry skin. I wash my face twice a day daily but that doesn’t seem to get rid of the few zits/black heads. Help me!

admin answers:

Try Acne Free. It works well because it uses benzoil peroxide instead of the cheap salicylic acid that most acne treatments use.
It might dry out your skin. If that happens, put lotion on the dry parts and slow down the treatment. If it gets really bad, dab Vaseline/ petroleum jelly on the problem spots.
You can buy Acne Free in the drug store. It comes in bright orange packages. I would also get the Spot treatment thing in the separate box because that works really well on taking down growing zits.
If the regular Acne Free doesn’t work, you can try the orange bottles. It has a different name, like Extreme Acne Free or something like that.
I hope that works for you!

Steven asks…

What is the best affordable acne treatment?

I’m a 14 year old light brown indian boy, and I’ve used a few different acne treatments, but it was epic fail. I used Clearasil, Neutragena acne kit (that shit is 20 bucks) and the other over the counter shit.

I want to get rid of the acne, because it’s huge and sometimes, it gets so big my friends are like “Pop the pimple” but I know I shouldn’t…

I used shaving cream and tooth paste, but it was not working either.

Any ideas?

admin answers:

U can get yogurt and mix it with salt and rub it against ur face and then wash it off
wash ur face regularly
get the neutrogena wave it works really good
there is an acne cream that has apricot and its good for that
also, change ur pillow covers frequently
u can put vaseline after u wash ur face before u go to bed
eat more vegetables
eat vitamin A tablets each day
drink lots of water
get facials once in a while, they pop the pimples but since they make ur pores big it doesnt leave any marks so its perfect
good luck and i hope i was of help

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