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John asks…

Why acne treatments stops working after few months? Or is it just my skin?

I tried a lot of acne treatments. All of them are working for 3-4 months and then the problem comes back again. Does somebody have the same problem? And do u know the best thing against acne?

admin answers:

There is one thing that works really well for me. If I drink one bottle of spring water every 2 hours on average so that I basically pee clear all the time, and my acne goes away. The “theory” is that your body has a need to get rid of things it takes in and that happens by coming out (1) poo, (2) pee, (3) skin. So, the thinking is if you keep your pee clear then you are making sure to wash out all the toxins and then there is less of a need for anything to come out your face which the bacteria might decide to munch on and then clog up your pores. The best part is you can try it for a week for the cost of water =P. Let me know what happens.

Sharon asks…

Is it common for acne treatments to stop working?

my doctor gave me a acne gel called veltin and it seems to be working well! But I have heard of acne treatments working for a little then they stop working beacause your skin gets immune. I was wondering if this is common or does it rarely happen? Also how long does it take for this to happen ( like if it stops working does it stop working in about a few years, months…)?


admin answers:

If you use it like 3 times a day, everyday, your body will get used to it on your face and nothing(or little) will happen to the acne. But for that, it takes at least 6 months of constant use. But on top of that, it really depends on the product given. Sooo :0 it doesn’t really happen because the acne won’t be on your face for 6 months right?

Maria asks…

How much does acne treatment cost in singapore?

I was going to have acne treatment but i don’t know how much I have to pay
I’m planning on going to national skin center.
I have a job and I want to know how much money I need for treatment

admin answers:

I lived in Singapore for a year. At the time, I had severe acnes. Treatment can be very expensive in Singapore and requires downtime. I was working a normal full time so i couldn’t afford the cost and downtime of the treatment. I did my own research and found holistic acne treatment approach. It’s a do at home acne treatment regimen that cleanses the toxics promoting acnes, in turn it removes all acnes and keep them from coming back. This website has some good reviews about these regimen

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