Acne Treatments

Richard asks…

What is the best acne treatment in your opinion?

There are a lot of acne treatments out there like Proactive, Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, etc. Which acne treatment is the best in your opinion? Thanks!! :)

admin answers:

Hi! The best acne treatment and preventative is the Zap That Zit Program I got off of an website.

My pimples were gone in 4 days and now I am on a maintenance program which keeps the zits away.

My friend’s pimples were gone in 2 days, her back took 4 days.

Give it a shot and shout back at me and let me know how it worked for you.


Joseph asks…

Where can I get acne treatment without benzyole peroxide?

I am allergic to benzyole peroxide, and nearly all acne treatments have it in it. I have more acne now than I did as a teen, and its frustrating me! You see all of these great-looking products made to get rid of acne and I can’t use any of them. Salcylic acid doesn’t work overly well for me, it dries my skin out, and is more of a blemish treatment than over all acne treatment. Any tips?

admin answers:

Use THE Body shop Tea tree face KIT is great has Tea tree oil is natural
really good you find at The body shop store or sephora.

Ruth asks…

What are some good acne treatments for my skin type?

I have skin that gets dry, and I have oily skin sometimes. I have moderate/severe can’t really tell because I have seen people with Really worse acne then mine. SO, what are some good not really expensive acne treatments (like face washes, toners , etc) that I can pick up my local grocery store?

admin answers:

I have dry and oily skin and my friend does too. So she made me try this stuff called Garnier Nutritioniste Nurtri-Pure with green tea.
Its really great.

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