Acne Treatments At Home

Laura asks…

What are some good ways to get rid of acne?

I know to wash my face and all that stuff, but I don’t want to spend any more than $10 on an acne treatment. So what’s something really cheap that you can find at Wal-Mart??

Thanks to anyone who can help!

admin answers:

I tried these and it worked fine!

1. You get a cotton and pour vinegar in it, and dab it to your skin. It worked.
2. You get the white egg and do a egg massage!
See here:
it is very simple
3. Also use ice, it reduces the swelling.

These are home remedies so it is not expensive!
Also for me dove unscented worked the best. Use that!

David asks…

How to get rid of cakey foundation during winter?

im not sure if its the cold that makes it cakey but ya….
When i come back home its cakey…. I do moisturize before using the foundation and it looks fine then and i dotn apply powder cz it looks more cakey.
I do exfoliate 1nce a week and use acne treatments daily that exfoliate ur skin.

admin answers:

I think it really just depends on what kind of makeup you use. I have been using dinair airbrush makeup for a really long time and its great because it never gets cakey…during the summer, winter or anytime…its pretty rad. It covers everything and makes my skin look pretty amazing!

Ruth asks…

How do i get rid of a pimple at home?

My face used to be clear but one pimple near my nose is ignoring me. I dont know how you get rid of them. What if i pop it would it go away. I dont want to buy any pimple cream because i live very far from a drugstore. I want to do it at home. By the way would this acne treatment work its called
new go 360 clean
anti breakout
facial cleaner
salicylic acid acne treatment”

admin answers:

Some products are simpler and easy to use while others are multistep and take time.
Niacinamide face cleansing pads are an effective and simple way to keep acne away. Just place a pad on the pimple and watch it fade away. Lavender Oil helps prevent skin drying.
Niacinamide pads are also known as Vitamin B3 pads or Nicotinamide pads. Works on body acne too.
Give them a try and you will be pleasantly surprised.
Niacinamide also helps diminish skin-hyperpigmentation (acne scars).

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