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Thomas asks…

Some simple home made acne treatments ?

I need some simple home made acne treatments for my friend .She is really worried about it and has tried a lot of medical creams to treat acne but none of them have worked .

admin answers:

Try applying some colgatetooth paste or meswak (it has to be white color paste) on the area any time during day also if you have time,and at night before sleeping.Wash it next morning. You will have slight burning sensation for two minutes or so, then it will subside. After 2 application you will see the difference.
Remember to apply as soon as it starts, it will vanish soon.

Robert asks…

Does this seem crazy as an acne prevention treatment?

I use equal parts every thing accept a little less hydrogen peroxide and menthol alcohol for cuts and such. I get witch hazel, rose water, tea tree oil, menthol alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and 10-15 crushed aspirin’s. I mix this all up and use it as a toner/ acne treatment. Remember I don’t put too much alcohol or peroxide a lot less then the other ingredients. It seems to be working wonder’s but do you feel this is harmful in any way’s?

admin answers:

Yes, It might be harmful for you, too much of chemicals. Do not try to play around with chemicals without any proper prescription from the doctor.It might be useful for short period but it might also produce some serious side effects.If you are not visiting a doctor or dermatologist, it is always better to try some home remedies.Because, home remedies are natural and does not cause any side effects (If you are not allergic to certain thing used in the remedy).
I am telling you a home remedy which will not only clear all bumps pimples and scars but also give a glow to your skin and make it look healthier and fresh.Many people are using this and having great results.
Procedure: Take some sandal wood powder with turmeric powder and put few drops of milk or rose water (Just to make it a paste).Mix them all together well and apply it on your whole face and leave for 20-30 minutes then wash your face with water. And if you have rose water then spray on your face.

It would make wonders for you. Do it on daily basis and you will observe the results instantly.

For more information about acne and treatment visit my blog thanks.


Chris asks…

Can I use different acne home remedies at the same time?

There are many remedies for acne and there are positive reviews for every one of them. I’m kind of desperate and really need to clear my face asap. Will the use of different remedies affect anything? If not which one do I use? (I don’t mind UT as well if that what it takes) Will appreciate your help!

admin answers:

Hi and your answer is no only use one. Trying to use 2 products could only make things worse.

Some of the most effective treatments for acne are over the counter acne products. There are More people suffering from acne are giving up their expensive prescription medicines for these more affordable acne solutions. Over the counter acne products are less expensive, but they are also usually just as effective with minimal bad side effects.

Before deciding on self-medication, there are a number of things you can do before buying an over the counter acne product. You would be choosing from hundreds of acne products, They all proclaim that they are the best. It is not enough that you just go and buy the “Best-Selling” product or the most expensive brand. Here are 3 simple steps to help you choose the right over the counter acne product for you.

(1)VALUATE the severity of your acne. Do you have a few pimples and possibly a smattering of whiteheads and blackheads? Then you might have mild acne. Or maybe you have more than a few pimples, some red spots, and maybe acne scarring in some areas of your face? You could be diagnosed with moderate acne. If you have a major breakout of pimples and lesions that are scattered all over your face, then you might be suffering from a severe case of acne. Knowing how mild or how severe your acne is can help you choose the right acne products that contain the right ingredients to treat your acne.

(2)ANALYZE your skin type. Is your skin dry and flaky, or clogged and oily, or maybe a combination of the two? Those who have dry skin will benefit most from over the counter acne products that are in cream or gel form. These will treat acne and hydrate the skin at the same time. Those who have oily skin should stick with acne products that are in the form of a wash or liquid. Water-based products will wash away excess oils and will not clog pores. Combination skin types need to be spot-treated, which means use water-based products for oily skin and then moisturize the dry areas with cream or gel products.

(3)DEFINE your goals for treating acne. Do you just want to prevent acne? Then use the proper skin care products. Is your objective to get rid of your current pimples? There are mild over the counter acne products that are made specifically for that purpose. Do you want to achieve smooth, crater-free, and scar-free skin? There are many acne treatments that minimize scarring and clear away existing acne scars.

Regular usage of over the counter acne products may take a couple of weeks to a few months before they start showing any effects. It is Very Important to read the product’s packaging first to know the proper dosage and application. You might have to go through a number of over the counter acne products before you find the right one that works for you.

Just remember not use two products at the same time without the guidance of a doctor.

That concludes my answer only one product and once again it all depends what kind of acne you may have and how severe it is, and skin type. So review Valuate, Analyze, and Define.

I can’t tell you what kind of product you should use until I know what kind of skin and severity it is.

I hope this was very helpful. I hope you understand.


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