Acne Treatments At Home

Betty asks…

What are some good acne treatments?

What are some good acne treatments? Home remedies are welcome as well.

admin answers:

Proactive helps a lot to teenagers. Good luck!!!

Sandra asks…

Wat is the procedure for getting a pap smear for birth control when somebody is a virgin?

After trying every possible acne treatment everything from home remedies to prescription drugs and ointments and yet nothing stopped it, it only feels like it is getting even more worse so I researched about the acne pill called Ortho Tri-Cycline its actually a low dose of hormones that helps treat acne. I want to know beforehand I go to my appointment next week and know wat to expect. Thanks in advance

admin answers:

Pap smears are the same for everyone, virgin or not. Tell the dr it’s your first visit and they’ll explain everything before they do it. It’s gonna sound painful, but it’s just uncomfortable not painful. Basically they put you in a room alone, you’ll get undressed (you can keep your socks on only) put on a paper robe and lie down under a paper blanket. The doctor will come in and talk to you for a bit- as for the pap smear they’ll insert a small rod and it’ll feel like a scratch (you can feel it but there’s no pain) the scratch will actually be the dr scraping the wall in there. And you’re done! The reason you get totally naked btw is because they usually go ahead a do a breast exam and check for lumps while you’re In there. YOu might have a little more discharge than usual for the next day or two and maybe a teensy bit of blood- but nothing a panty liner won’t take care of. They’ll actually give you one at the end of your appt. You’ll be fine, just relax- good luck!

Daniel asks…

Does anyone know any good at home treatments for adult acne?

I have had acne since I was 13. It did go away for awhile but recently it has come back really bad. I wash my face and back everyday but it seems like its just getting worse.

I do not have a lot of money to buy acne treatments, so I am wondering if anyone knows of any good at home treatments.

admin answers:

I go there, and you can get reviews from hundreds and thousands of fellow acne sufferers (like me).

My acne has gotten SO MUCH BETTTERRRRR!!!!! Because I went to that site and found out the magic of egg white/lemon juice masks, aspirin masks, etc. They have discussion boards, reviews for homemade recipes (like lemons) and also reviews for brand name products like Pro Active, Acne Free, Clean and Clear, etc.

Go there, try it! I’m endorsing it, but only because I want other acne sufferers to stop their sufferings!

I KNOW acne is such a hassle. It lowers your self confidence. People would be like, everyone has acne, who cares?!

The answer: I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!

So just go there. :D

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