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Donald asks…

What should I use to get rid of my acne and black heads?

I have tried Proactiv and many other over the counter treatments as well as a prescription medication. I would like to know your opinion on acne treatments and black treatments. I would like to know about the Zeno Hot Spot, I believe it’s called and if that works as well as the black head masks, where you apply a tape like item on to your face to extract the black. Also any home remedies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

admin answers:

Sensible diet, good hygiene and low stress should keep acne away. Try some great OTC products like Niapads, Cetaphil etc. Remember, the most effective treatment is one that is simple to use. For eg. Cut a piece of Niapads, moisten it with water and place it on the yet to come to surface acne. Active ingredients penetrate skin and get rid of acne bacteria. Routine use of Niapads helps exfoliate, open clogged skin pores and gets rid of acne in one simple step without drying your skin. Contains Lavender oil – well known moisturizer.

William asks…

What is a good way to clear up existing acne and prevent new acne without spending too much money?

I would like to find an acne treatment that actually works, but I’m on a tight budget. Are there any good home remedies? or cheap store options?

admin answers:

Cleansing the skin in natural acne treatments is usually done twice a day with a gentle cleanser. These cleansers can be soaps with lemon oil, olive oil, or almond oil. The lemon oil is known to be a great ingredient in the fight against acne as it has antibacterial properties. After cleansing one can tone the skin with apple cider vinegar, rosewater, or aloe. By using a toner before applying a moisturizer, one is sure to get rid of excess residue from the cleanser and other dirt and skin cells. A good toner also tightens the pores and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sandy asks…

what skin care products should I be using?

I am 25 years old female with acne problems since the age of 12. I have oily skin mostly in my T zone are, plus black heads and enlarged pores on my cheeks and nose. And for some wired reason my cheeks and nose peel a lot too even though I have oily skin. I am so tired of it. I’ve tried everything over the years from, ProActiv, prescriptions gels, creams, pills, over the counter acne treatment, and some home remedies. Also, aside from my acne scares, after having 2 children I now have some brown spots on my face as well. I know it’s impossible to have perfect skin, but I am tired of TRYING to hide behind makeup. Even makeup looks awful most of the time with my pores looking more obvious and horrendous flaky skin patches. I need suggestions on products or facial treatments please. anything. Thank you.
Best way to shrink pores?

admin answers:

I know one website that can greatly help you is all natural

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