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David asks…

What stores will carry the new 7 day rapid clear acne treatment?

Okay, so I’m looking for the new 7 Day Rapid Clear Acne Treatment by Neutrogena, and I live in the Lake Worth/Fort Worth area. I’ve been to Walmart, Albertsons, CVS, Walgreens and I haven’t found anything there. I need it before sunday!! My face is mildly breaking out, and my fiancee is coming home for leave. Help??!!

admin answers:

You should find a target. Target usually is a step above all those places you tried.

Other than that, i have no idea. You could probably try something similar to that
look at the ingredients online, and the next time you are at the store try finding a product intended for the same purpose (im guessing a spot treatment) and then try that out.

My favorite spot treatments have sulfur in them. And they manage to reduce breakouts dramatically or get rid of them altogether nearly overnight

Robert asks…

What home remedy for acne does really work well?

well,I have acne…it doesnt sound like pimple…like rashes all over the face..I went to doctor,and gone through various acne treatments but of no use….I need to know whether any home remedy that really work well for my kind of acne…I have oily skin too..I have to try out in routine..I’m badly hurted by this…so,pls help me!!!!

admin answers:

• Gently rubbing a fresh clove of garlic directly to pimples will contribute to a permanent cure for acne. This has worked as a success for many acne sufferers. Garlic helps to reduce the symptoms of acne such as spots, inflammation and relieve swelling very quickly. Frequent usage of garlic will result to a glowing skin.

• During chronic conditions of acne make a mixture with these delicious ingredients: cucumber juice, 1 tablespoon of yogurt, tomato juice, 1 tablespoon of honey, few drops of mint juice and coriander juice. Apply it over your acne areas and leave it for 10 minutes then wash off.

• Your body needs plenty of vitamin C to b able to fight against acne. Drinking fresh orange juice regularly will progressively fade away acne scars. Vitamin C contributes in the restoration of damaged skin. To be frank, I personally do not like orange but I consume it to keep my skin healthy! Anyways, you may drink any fresh fruit’s juice rich in vitamin C.

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Charles asks…

Any tips,recommendations on how to get rid of acne scars?

So I’ve been having acne scars for this past months and I just hate it.! Idk what to try,I mean I’ve tried the lemon tips ,proactive dark spot corrector ,etc… And nothing has made any effect on my skin. I specially have spots on the sides of my face. Do you know any recommendations ,treatments ,home remedies ? Idk how to use the lemon remedie that much nor what time is best ,cause I go to school from 7 to 1 . Anyways. Thanks

admin answers:

Ok first of all, u still have acne? I used to have very bad acne problem I tried almost every treatment possible but nothing worked one day I went to cvs and got a bottle of clerasil face wash face wipes and cream I was using the face wash in the morning and at night I would wash my face again than use the wipes and than applied the cream on every pimple, it took about a month or two but I completely got rid of the acne and never had to buy any kind of treatment again but u have to repeat the same routine every single day trust me it is worth it and for the scars drink lots of water and and vitamin E and now I have not even one scar it took I while but it was worth the effort, but first get rid of the acne of course everybody’s skin is different

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