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Paul asks…

Are there any recommended products for adding weight to light wispy hair or products that help hair grow long?

I am a former cancer patient who received chemotherapy and radiation treatments. My hair is now frail, thin, and wispy (I like to say I look like Medusa when it’s windy out; my hair looks like a tornado). Are there any reliable products for cancer patients that can strengthen my hair or help it to grow it out to a length where I can tie it back? Thanks!

admin answers:

You can’t change the texture of your hair, but hormones can affect how your hair texture turns out.

You get ALL THE STRENGTH from all the healthy foods you eat from Mother Nature not made by man since there are side effects taking anything from medication, acne products, supplements, etc.

Google: “Foods for Healthy Hair” – Your hair may be the fastest-growing tissue in the body but, unlike the skin, it cannot repair itself. That is why getting the right balance of vitamins and proteins is imperative. Don’t expect to look like you’ve stepped out of a hair commercial the day after you’ve changed your diet. It is likely to take at least three months before you actually see tangible results.

Lizzie asks…

How to treat whitehead without popping it?

I have about 3, they were cysts at first but now they all have a small white head – I dont want to pop them because they will leave big red scabs which I wont be able to cover with concealer. Should I dry them out? Whats the quickest way of doing this? I have a few spot treatments including a 10% benozyl peroxide cream which I have mixed opinions about because I read your skin gets addicted to it.

admin answers:

Try this! I have an acne treatment that has won me the best answer over thirty times. Usually, the person who voted it the best answer was amazed at how well it worked, even those who had severe cases of acne. I’ll copy and paste it below.

Use a hot compress on it (a washcloth, sponge, or anything that will allow you to apply moist heat to the area), and then use cool water to close the pores. Do the process over and over again, about five or six times. Use soap to wash the area, rinse it with warm water, blot off the excess water with a clean towel, and then treat it with an alcohol soaked cotton ball. It should be gone within five to six hours.

Here are some of the previous comments I cut and pasted from those who voted it as the best answer, (Copied and pasted as written. Capital letters seen are as originally answered)

omg thank you! U r sooo awsome now my school pic will look GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Thank u so muc 4 ur help!!!
It helped alot of my acne. Thanks!


Wow This Like Really worked!!!! Thanks! Now i don’t have a big huge zit!!! Thank you much!

Thanks so was was right onmy chin but thanks soooooooooo much i owe u big time…
THANKS A LOT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tried this a couple hours ago and it is already starting to clear up. THANKS!
Thanks for the info! It worked!
OMG! It worked. I will say i was skeptical, but I’m back to being my gorgeous self ;)
Thanks it worked awesomely good
I did it. It works. You rock!

Hey its just one more best answer for you but it WORKED WONDERS ON MY ACNE THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Wow it really need help alot. Thanks so much for the advice. I look so much better without the acne. Haha. Thanks so much..

Thank u :]] it actually worked on me too :D thankgoodness

Thank you for the answer it really helped

Thanks for the info! It worked!

Maria asks…

how does one get rid of facial scars and acne?

I was looking for a simple way, to keep acne away and do away with the scars that they left and leave behind?

admin answers:

I used Tetracyclin, Proactive, Retina A and had many expensive facials with less than good results.
This has worked for me and many many other happy people.

Go to pharm.,Drug store, or Walmart, buy “PURPOSE” bar of soap – Blue box – Made by Johnson & Johnson – wash your face with this
2-3x’s per day. Also pick up a LOW strength Benzoyl-peroxide cream, apply the cream by dabbing
to the individual blemishes…. DONT rub it in works using a oxidation/reduction reaction..It will unclog
dry it out and bring it to a head…DONT over use this or put anywhere else on your face. It will cause drying and make you look worse.

Salicylates such as found in regular asprin among other products work very similar but also remove layers of skin…
Other over the counter creams with this product will dry out pimples but maybe too hash and cause surrounding skin trauma..
I have seen many people recommending crushing asprin and making a paste which probably will dry out the blemish but again
pretty strong and probably will cause more tissue damage and bigger scars as an anti inflammatory
probably would take the reddness out… Again pretty harsh for sensative skin.

Also, If need which probably will for moisture ASK FOR “NUTRADERM lotion” – the orginal not the new stuff, this works
great and wont clog pores or leave a residue on your skin…Any lotion that is completely oil free and hypoallergic should
work but again I recommend Nutraderm. I have heard from people online that “Purpose” also makes a lotion that is good, Nutragena, and Nivea
make good products also. I recommend Nutraderm from experience and my dematologist.

“Purpose Bar” & “Nutraderm” are oil free and hypoallergic they contain no perfumes and are great for both men and women.
I have also heard great reports of this soap helping improve skin tone. Some people recommend the “Purpose luqid soap” saying
that the bar did dry out their skin some. The rational behind using the bar is that there are no ingredients in it that will clog pores, and
according to dermatologists they recommend the Bar. I have also heard good responses from “cetaphil soap”. These products are safe for all skin colors and tones. I highly discourage use
of Proactive and other harsh chemicals for people with some natural color in their face due to the bleaching and drying effect it has
shown in many many people.

Additonal TIPS: acne, pimples, etc are frequently cause by a bacteria or hormone issues that cause clogging of pores.
DONT PICK POP POKE (your hands are the dirtiest part of your body) and will cause: infections, spreading of germs, more breakouts and scarring
DONT EVER listen to people online who tell you to scrub your sensative skin or use harsh chemicals
such as: Lemon juice, vinagar, alcohol, etc… DONT EVER use that APRICOT CRAP!!! DONT USE
PROACTIVE- this is expensive and harsh it may kill the bacteria cause also Benzoyl based wash but
will irritate skin and cause bleaching of face and neck…. Other similar treatments may work.. Also
things such as Accutane but have SERIOUS side effects such as Major Depression, & birth defects in unborn children, among others
If you wear make up make sure it is oil free, & hypoallergic…Eating healthy…Drinking plenty of water.. Changing pillow cases freq.
Etc …avoiding dirty sports equp. Such as helmets…can not hurt…Acne/pimples again are caused by pores/hair follicles becoming plugged
up, this plugging then causes an inflammatory reaction – reddness and infection (pimple) head is dirt trapped in pore, while a white
head is the same thing you just dont see the dirt instead you see white pus (lymphocytes that accumulate in the area to fight the infection)
It has been shown in many studies this most often not caused by what you eat (chocolate etc… Or how clean you are) but most often by either excess oils plugging pores or a bacteria
on the skins surface. – Proactive works in some people because it is a strong Benzoyl peroxide based washed but is most freq. To strong
for people with sensative skin – this is why alot of people get excessive drying and flaking, rashes, bleaching or breakouts from the product.
Retina-A does decrease the bacterial growth on your face but also removes dead/living skin, this can work well in some individuals and
has been shown to reduce wrinkles and scars but again I feel this is pretty harsh on sensative skin prone to breakouts. If you choose
Retina-A never use this product during the day only at night due to the sensativity it will give you to the sun. You must also get a perscription
for this product and I really don’t believe it is worth the damage it does to your skin. In some rare cases for very deep/large boils and cyst types
of pimples oral antibiotics maybe needed but I would first recommend trying “purpose” and a low dose “benzoyl-peroxide cream” along with a good
oil free moisturizer “Nutraderm… Etc” this does work well.

THIS WORKS FAST AND CHEAP!!! I no longer get expensive facials, take oral antibiotics, or even NEED makeup… I am very happy – Have
very good skin… And have many many other happy friends… THANKS again to my WONDERFUL
DERMATOLOGIST… TRY THIS!! GOOD LUCK…. PS. “PURPOSE” costs about $3 ———————————————
—-PSSS—sorry so long I have to keep adding more information to this to address common questions that always being asked….

OK more additons to this here are 2 links to yahoo question and answers… Given from people who used Alcohol and toothpaste to try to cure pimples:;_ylt=AmzOIbplZR3F9am.9lClrzvsy6IX?qid=20070320000738AAGNkw4&show=7#profile-info-MykwsVrgaa;_ylt=AnI6PETXLwBFMhXf3GTNhRkAAAAA?qid=20070318151922AATb6bm&show=7#profile-info-cAExBdQdaa

TO SUM ALL THAT UP—PURPOSE OR CETAPHIL SOAP, A LOW STRENGTH BENZOYL PEROXIDE CREAM, and if needed for moisture something that has no oil in it or perfume in it .. Such as NUTRADERM

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