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Betty asks…

What is the best cure for random acne outbreaks?

I guess you could say I have sensitive skin, and I tend to break out into a few pimples around the mouth out of nowhere. I think I have pretty nice skin, and when I break out it’s not bad, but horrible for me to look at.
I use Clearasil Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream for this, but I usually see no improvement and it takes weeks for my skin to clear up.

admin answers:

I used to have that problem…except i had really really bad acne!!!!! But i have figured out a routine that has worked for me…it may work for you!!!

My skincare routine:

Cleanser: Basis….this is just a bar of soap that matches your pH level of your skin….so it wont dry out your face(if you don’t use moisturizer though it will) This cleanser seems simple and it is not meant to fight acne…but in a sense it does…it really cleans your face well without drying out your face…i didnt believe my mom when she recomended it…but man does it work wonders

Toner: Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner…really any toner you prefer is ok…but this it the one i use. Start from the top of your face and go towards the temples…aslo with cheeks…go towards the temples…then on chin go in circular motions only(not making it up…this is what you are supposed to do whenever applying anything to your face) This will take off the dead skin and make your pores smaller(helps with the dirt getting in) It also leaves face really smooth and nice looking!!!!

Moisturizer : Sheer Cover Oil Free Moisturizer…again any moisturizer will be good…just as long as it is oil free, made for the face, does not have any acne fighting agents in it. Dot it all over face then apply just like i said with the toner. Moisturizing can really halp fighting the acne. Did you know that dry skin is actually a cause for acne and pimples? The dry skin will actually clog your pores and therefore cause a breakout. Dont listen to people saying you just need to dry your face out…its a lie.

Facial scrub: Oatmeal and Sugar….seriously…this is the BEST scrub i have ever had….just take oatmeal and grind it into a powder and the add Sugar( more Sugar if you want more of a scrub…less if you just want something soothing) then add a little water and make like a paste( not too thick and not too thin) Rub on your face for like 3 minutes then rinse with warm water…put moisturizer on right afterward and your face will feel so refreshed and soft!!!!! Do it about once a week. Dont rub too hard or you will damage face. The oatmeal is for sootheing for face of redness and dry skin. The sugar is for exfoliation.

Steam your face for about 5 to 10 minutes a week. Mousturize right after you steam. This will open your pores and get all the dirt and grim out. It also helps with dryness. Dont steam and use the scrub on the same day. It is best to use it on seperate days. Dont ask me why…just figured it out. =)

I suffer a little more from dry skin…but yet it can get oily at times…but with this routine has been great….and now i don’t have a single blemish or patch of dry skin!!!!! It is amazing!!!!! Do this routine( excluding the scrub and steam) twice a day. Your skin will clear up…but in about a week or two your face will break out and that is a good sigh. This is because all of the dirt is getting out of your skin. Just keep with it and it will pay off in the long run…i have great skin right now(used to have horrible skin…i could have seriously been on one of those acne comercials it was so bad)…but now i have stuck with this routine and my skin is now soft and smooth!!!!!!!


Vitamin E(taking it and also rubing on face) is really good for your skin

Olive oil is also good(rubbing on face…wamred…rinsed with warm water

Taking fish oil is also good

Try not to touch your face….it pushes the dirt into your face

wearing your hair out of your face also helps with blemishes

Mary asks…

how to get rid of blackheads?

I’ve used every acne treatment known to man..well almost anyway. Any home remedies? Proactive didn’t do a lick of good for me, but if you know of any acne treatment that is less known or something that i may not have heard of that would be great.

admin answers:

This is a safe, natural, minimal cost treatment that has worked wonders for me and many others on Answers in getting rid of acne, pimples,whiteheads, blackheads and reduces enlarged pores. Pores will diminish the first day.
From diaP ” Although I was skeptical, I massaged the olive oil into my skin last night. When i got up this morning the bumps on my forehead were almost completely smoothed out! My blackheads and pores looked smaller and my face was softer than it’s ever been! I have some more questions. I’ll email you? Thanks!!”

From Mika ,” I’ve been doing the olive oil massage routine for 2 days now and it’s amazing how all those blackheads and whiteheads are coming out.
Thanks a ton Mukunda M :)
You can contact then for verification

Massaging clears skin of built up impurities and toxins – a result of all those skin sickening products you’ve applied and a spot free skin emerges. Use any natural oil – extra virgin olive and coconut are the best. They are non comedogenic – so do not clog, cause breakouts or make skin oily.
First, tighten skin by opening mouth 3/4″ and pulling lips FIRMLY back against teeth. For best and fastest results do forward and back (not circular) massage using front and tips of fingers and palms where possible. Do for 15 to 30 minutes daily (can be in 2 or more sessions). It should be done quite vigorously while applying some pressure. Use oil liberally. Gradually build up to vigorous as skin has to adjust.
It’s a permanent cure. It will quickly give you can a totally clear, healthy skin. You will need no other treatment ever again. Try it – you will be happy that you did!

See many more testimonials in some of my answers. Find by entering in “What are you looking for?” Search Y! Answers search box “Mukunda M 2011 pore reduction pimples acne`black and white heads totally clear healthy radiant skin and TESTIMONIALS”

SOURCE(S): Many years researcher/consultant – safe natural treatments/cures – skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging/rejuvenation

Sandy asks…

How to get soft/ good face skin?

I use Glyton, which is skin tinted acne treatment. I have no acne. I wash my face everyday. But my nose seems to get kinda shiny and its super annoying. I have tried so many things and it wont stop! How do i get rid of that? Is there any cleansing liquids that help?

I want my skin to be soft looking, not shinyyy

admin answers:

Here’s what I do:
1. Exfoliate: I use a Avon Exfoliating Scrub. What this does is wash away dead skin cells and open your pores. Do this about 2 times a week and even it out (ie. If you exfoliate on Sunday at 9 am do it again on Wednesday at 9 pm) Exfoliation works best after a shower.

2. If you haven’t exfoliated one day, use a moisturizer (I use Nivea for Men 24 hour Moisturizer). Make sure you spread the cream everywhere on your face and under your chin.

3. Apply a pimple fighting cream (Glyton will work fine). Do this right after you exfoliate or wait a minute if you applied moisturizer before.

If you follow these steps, you should notice results within 3 days. I have followed this routine and it has really softened my skin. Remember to do this regularly.

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