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Mandy asks…

How can I cure acne without buying any products such as Proactiv and Clean and Clear?

hi everyone. i have acne but not red acne, just little bumps on my face. i don’t want to spend a lot lot lot of green so how can i make my skin stay healthy and clean with using all those products and the Proactiv system? thanks to the oodles of doodles of people who answer!
peace out!
and i wash my face every day a LOT per day

admin answers:

Tea Tree Oil – Popular Natural Acne Treatment
Tea tree oil is a hugely popular natural treatment for acne with very good reason. Tea tree oil has solved the acne problems of thousands that suffer from all types of blemish problems.
Tea tree plants are native to many areas around Australia. Harvesting the leaves, steaming them and then collecting the oil that the leaves have produced is the most common method of obtaining tea tree oil.
Tea tree oil has become extremely popular over the last few years. During studies preformed by health care professionals it was shown to be more effective in killing bacteria (such as staph bacteria) then many popular man made antibiotics. Additional studies have shown that benzoyl peroxide is less effective in treating acne then tea tree oil as it can leave the skin red and irritated while tea tree oil does not.


Sandy asks…

How do i use Palmers skin success acne kit?

It doesnt have any instructions or steps on how to use it and im confused. do i use the face wash and acne treatment lotion in the morning and then the overnight acne cream at night or both acne treatment lotion and overnight cream at the same time at night. and when the hell do i use the acne mark fade cream

admin answers:

Are you a teenager or an adult that has been, suffering from acne, and just wish it would go away for good. There are actually many different kinds of treatments available for you to choose from on the Internet.

On the other hand, people and teenagers that are going through problems with acne need to wash their face once or twice a day. For instance, you should wash your face once in the morning and once at night. However, never use soap when washing your face, soap contains chemicals that may damage your skin.

Acne is acne either way you look at it, whether it is, mild or moderate. Therefore, if you or someone you know is, suffering from acne. There are many ointments and treatments used for getting rid of it. These ointments and treatments are all over the counter medications, so you will not need a prescription from a doctor for these acne treatments.

Moreover, these lotions and treatments consist of a Dermisa Acne Treatment Kit, which comes with a four-ounce bottle. In addition, there is a Clearasil Stayclear Tinted Acne Cream, which is, great for getting rid of acne, and is, recommended by many teens as well as adults.

Palmers Skin Success clears skin and stops acne marks from forming on your skin. In addition, there is, a cream called Panoxy, which is, a bar maximum strength wash that is, excellent for getting rid of your unwanted acne for good.

However, there is, a product called Proactiv Solutions. This product is a three-step system that helps clear up acne as well as prevent future breakouts. Dermatologists created Proactiv to help give patients a better way to care for their skin. Proactiv Solution is, made from Salicylic Acid to unplug pores, Benzoyl Peroxide to kill bacteria as well as much more.

On the other hand, if however, you have used all of the creams that are on the market today, and are still showing signs of acne. You can always make an appointment to your local clinic, were they have a Microdermabrasion Machine. This machine is, in fact a Laser Machine built to, safely remove acne for good. In addition, the results of this process show results in three to five treatments. However, if you do not wish to go through with this process, then a Parisian Peel Facial can be, preformed on either a man or a woman.

With all of the acne treatments on the market today, you should always consult with a doctor or pharmacist. This will ensure that you are in fact using a product that is, not harmful to your skin. Even though these products are, sold over the counter, some acne creams contain allergens. However, these allergens, or chemicals could cause your face to break out even more. Therefore, be sure you know what you are allergic to before ever deciding to use any acne creams of any kind.

David asks…

Good home remedies for getting rid of acne?

I have pretty bad acne. It’s mostly around my cheeks and temples, and some of it is just red spots. So I was just wondering if there are any good natural things I can use to get rid of the acne and make the red spots fade? Thanks for the help!

admin answers:

If you do not want expensive surgical treatment for your acne scars, then there are several home remedies for acne scars.

Acne scars are produced when the acne gets inflamed with deep breakouts and bacterial infection. More the inflammation more will be the chance of scarring.

Although there are several allopathic antibiotics available to treat acne scars, but these medicines have side effects. Surgical options are expensive, often beyond the reach of a common man.

However, to help the common people here are some of the home remedies for acne scars -

1) Lemon juice is helpful in improving dark acne scars / pigmentation scars. Squeeze a lemon and strain the juice onto a cotton ball and apply to your skin directly. You can leave the lemon juice for a while before washing it with water.

2) Take eight to ten cloves of fresh garlic and chop it into very fine pieces. Apply the finely chopped garlic to your scarred skin and leave for 15 minutes before washing off.

3) Amongst the home remedies for acne scars, sandalwood rose water paste would be high in the list. Mix sandalwood powder with few drops of rose water and create a paste. Apply this paste to scarred skin and leave it overnight. Wash off the paste with water in the morning.

4) A good home remedy for acne scar, especially for oily skin is the oatmeal paste. To create the paste mix oatmeal with water. Apply this paste to your acne scars and leave it for thirty minuets before washing it with cold water.

5) Tomato, which has vitamin A, is one more of the home remedies for acne scars. Vitamin A controls the production of excess sebum. Vitamin A is also an excellent antioxidant. Slice tomato and apply slices directly to skin.

6) One more way to treat acne scars the natural way is to use a face mask made from cucumber and tomatoes. This combination improves the scar and also tightens the pores on your skin.

7) Honey is an excellent moisturizer and can help in treating acne scars. Heat a small amount of honey and apply to the acne scars by gently massaging. After thirty minutes wash with lukewarm water to remove honey completely.
8) A list of home remedies for acne scars would also definitely have Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is considered to be very good for skin in general, with excellent healing properties. Apply Aloe Vera direly from the plant itself or use a gel available in the market.

9) Another good home remedy for acne scar is fenugreek. Apply a paste made from fenugreek leaves directly on your face and leave it for sometime before you wash. Fenugreek seeds can be boiled in water and the water can be used to treat acne scars.

10) Last in this list of home remedies for acne scars is egg white. Egg is an excellent conditioner for skin. Egg white can be direly applied to acne scars. Wash off the egg white after 30 minutes.

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