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Maria asks…

Does proactive really work on healing acne scars and skin conditions?

I used proactiv a while ago and I think my skin got a little better but then it started getting really red and sensitive. I still have acne scars and unclear skin and I want to have clean and clear skin. So if you have used proactive the please give your review and if you have any other advice it would be very welcomed.

admin answers:

Acne redness is disfiguring. It is a constant reminder of our on going battle with this skin condition. Coverage with makeup is not always an option for men, and sometimes makeup with cause additional outbreaks on women. However, with home treatments or the advancement in modern medicine, there’s no reason to endure them. There is a wide range of treatments available. It is just a matter of deciding which treatment is best for you.

They are several solutions to decrease the redness left behind from acne. Some of them can be found in your home. These are really great effective measures to reduce redness.

Get some ice cubes from your freezer. Use a clean cloth to cover the ice cubes. Or use an ice pack. Place it on the red marks for 10 minutes. It will make the redness of the blemish less noticeable, and is a good temporary way reduce acne redness.
Mix a fresh lemon juice with equal quantity of rose water. Apply this mixture on your face. Leave it for 30 minutes. Then rinse your face with fresh water. It smells wonderful and is refreshing. The redness will reduce in about 15 days. It takes a while, granted, but this method is a more permanent way to get rid of acne redness
Garlic also works very well. It can be applied fresh, or you can buy garlic oil. Cut the garlic clove open, or pierce the garlic capsule and rub it on the affected area, Do this on regular intervals. This will to reduce redness and swelling. Word of warning though. Garlic is smelly and the odor will stay with you if you don’t wash it off correctly. However, lemon juice will eliminate the garlic smell. Just spread a little over the area of the garlic, and rinse.
Visine just isn’t for red eyes. The chemical it contains tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride, which minimize acne redness by constricting blood vessels making the appearance of acne redness less. Apply on the affected area with a cotton swab and use on regular intervals.
Hemorrhoid medication just isn’t good for -well you know where-. Hemorrhoid cream has a vascular restrict in it that decreases the blood flow to the skin. Not only that, it has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and a moisturizer too boot. What more can you ask for! Take care to use it on the only the red marks. It is not a good idea to spread it all over, especially the face. You will be amazed at the results at reducing acne redness.

Acne redness can comprise of something as simple as red, or brown marks that will go away eventually on their own, or with the remedies just listed. However, acne redness may be permanent. This is when acne redness is considered a scar. While temporary skin discoloration is not something that is normally treated medically, acne redness in the form of scars can be treated professionally. Consult a dermatologist. He or she will recommend a procedure to get rid of acne redness left by scars.

Take care…

Chris asks…

Is it healthy to take birth control to prevent acne?

I’m 18 and Ive been having acne problems on my cheeks. I’ve been reading a lot about acne prevention and birth control seems to pop up everywhere. Is it a good idea to resort to birth control?

admin answers:

How Birth Control Works

Birth control is used to treat acne nowadays because of its ability to change hormone levels in a person’s body. Few people are aware that women, like men, have the male hormone testosterone inside their bodies. Now, testosterone has been identified as one of the causes for acne growth because increased levels of it cause a proportional increase of sebaceous glands and lead to excessive oil production.

When a woman takes birth control pills, they are able to stop her ovaries from producing more testosterone. Birth control pills contain progestin and estrogen – both female hormones – and these promote menstruation cycles to regulate and continue while balancing the levels of male and female hormones in the body. Although prevention of conception is the main purpose of birth control pills, they do have the power to reduce acne growth as well.

Potential Advantages of Using Birth Control for Acne

Convenience. With birth control doubling for acne prevention, you will only have to take one medicine for dual purposes. This is certainly easy to remember and beneficial to people with hectic lifestyles.

Affordability. Again, you get two for the price of one. Compared to the expensive costs of other acne treatments like light therapy and laser surgery, birth control as a possible acne cure certainly sounds inviting.

Potential Disadvantages of Using Birth Control for Acne

Most of the disadvantages cited by experts for using birth control to treat acne are directly concerned with the use of birth control and not its effectiveness or safety as a possible treatment for acne.

Worse Acne Problems. Until estrogen levels in your body normalize or become ideal, it is possible that you will have to suffer from worsening acne problems. You will have to wait for your birth control pills to take effect completely before you can enjoy flawless healthy skin.

Increased Risk of Cancer. People who smoke and take birth control pills for whatever reason should be aware that their decision increases their risk of having cancer in the future. This is due to the substances contained in birth control pills. If you are a frequent smoker, you might do well with a different acne treatment instead of using birth control pills.

Age. Minors and relatively young people are discouraged from using birth control pills as an acne treatment because doing so could lead to acne yeast infection. When this occurs, you will find it harder to cure than normal acne problems. If your child is suffering from serious acne problems, you would do better to advise your child to take other acne treatments.

Side Effects. Birth control pills are not without their share of side effects regardless of your health condition. When taking birth control pills, you could suffer from fatigue, abdominal pain and headaches. This can be quite a bother if you are leading a very active lifestyle.

Possible Medical Complications. Be careful when choosing which medication to use for both birth control and acne prevention. A teenage girl was reported dead due to blood clotting caused by a certain brand of contraceptives. The girl had used it for birth control and acne control. If you are determined to use birth control for acne, make sure you are using the right one.

Also, birth control can have dangerous chemical reactions when mixed in with other medications. If you are currently medicated, please do inform your doctor about your decision before proceeding any further.

Other serious side effects that may be experienced when taking birth control are increased heart risks, depression, melasma or having uneven coloring due to skin patches, problems with fluid retention, and vaginal bleeding.

In the end, using birth control for acne is not worth the risk if you do not take professional advice. A potentially wrong choice would not only damage your skin permanently but affect your chances of giving birth in the future. If you want to solve your acne problems with birth control, do so with the aid of your physician or dermatologist.

Ruth asks…

What is the best men cream that will brighten up and remove wrinkles?

Men Cream. Please no website url or advertisement….that will not help me.

admin answers:

**Many, if not most, anti aging creams, cleansers, moisturizers, skin products are skin harming ,skin aging cause severe irritation, even cause acne and worse. Some have been pulled from market, notably in France, because of cancer causing scares.(confirm with a Google)
I have had truly remarkable success diminishing forehead lines, crows feet, under eye and laugh lines by special massaging using completely safe, low cost, essential oils. Olive, almond and jojoba are excellent. Rubbing on the lines over and over greatly reduces them and helps prevent others forming. Forehead: Use front of fingers held together and, starting from one side of forehead, do a series of short forward and back strokes – about 5 or 6 – blending one into the next all the way to the other side. For best, quickest results, do quite vigorously for a minute or more. Crows Feet: Can be very quickly greatly minimized by rubbing up and down on them quite vigorously with first three fingers held close together. Laugh lines: Using finger tips to massage vigorously directly along the length of the line with finger tips (first tighten skin there by partially opening mouth and pulling lips firmly back against teeth). Even deep lines can be greatly diminished. For faster results do 2 or 3 times or a day. See clear fading of lines in one to three weeks – depending on how often and how vigorous you have have made it.
Massage entire face and it will feed skin vital nourishing nutrients. Even the first day skin will tighten, look and feel firmer, fresher and revitalized and develop a healthy glow. If do daily will quickly rid face of any blemishes, correct any sagging and other aging signs. Has greatly helped many to rejuvenate face. Oils are perfect, safe moisturizers. You will never need any other, Oils absorb quickly into skin. Do not wash off – splash with water and tissue dry. See my many other answers – wrinkles, lines, sagging, anti aging, rejuvenation, etc.and more detailed info on how best to massage. I have testimonials from happy users who vouch for it’s effectiveness.

SOURCE(S): 20 + years research – safe, natural treatments/cures for skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging and rejuvenation treatments..

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