Acne Treatments For Men

Carol asks…

Best acne treatment you have ever used?

Give me your top five acne products or homemade remedies that work quick and effectively. Thanks!

admin answers:

Hello, I would recommend for clear skin various things. First before you focus on facial products make sure you have a healthy skin friendly diet. It is proven that your skin depends %80 on your diet. Things like dairy, grains, and processed sugars are not only bad for your overall health but also skin. Hormones in dairy increase sebum production and cause acne in most people. Also grains (if you do not want to avoid completely try eating gluten free) have inflammatory acids that cause inflammation aka acne and the same for all types of sugar: cane, natural, organic, all!!! I have clear skin 99% of the time mainly just by controlling the amount of grains I eat: I only eat tortillas once in a way lol, rice (try eating whole grain or lotus forbidden rice) beans, and occasionally other stuff. I avoid dairy altogether because I don’t like it. If you must eat dairy try eating grass fed goat cheese (less hormones and many don’t breakout from it) and maybe organic milk. It is best to try and see what foods aggravate your skin since is different. If you do not want to change your diet then try drinking 30oz of green juice (juice of all types of healthy green vegetables a day) and maybe some multivitamins. Avoid soy products too. If you fix your diet and avoid all those foods for at least a month your skin will clear up about %90 . As a teenager I understand it is hard but if you do it for one month you will be amazed at the results. After the month you can eat those with moderation. If you do this then your skin will be so clear you will not need many face products. Some great face products would be to go with natural products, otherwise the chemicals in other things are making your skin more sensitive. However some drug store products that work great are NOXZEMA ( I used the plus moisturizers because the other overly dried my skin), Clean and clear 3:1 exfoliating cream, Clean and clear moisturizing astringent ( works really well after washing face) and zapzyt. Some natural products I recommend are : Neem leaf extarct from the neem man as a toner (helps clear skin) witch haze as toner, african black soap (amazing for acen), shea terra black soap wash (amazing), pure organic lavendar facial cleanser, and apotheke ubtan face scrub ( using it 2-3 times a week clears up acne and leaves skin so SMOOTH)! Aslo make sure to always cleanse your face at least at NIGHT!! And keep ot simple in the morning. An amaing blemih fighting DIY is mix of milk and honey. Tyr to add a pinch of powdered goats milk (meyenberg brand) with some manuka honey and water to make a paste, gently massaging your gace, and rinsing. I am not sure if I leave anything out but I would really recommend noxzema for acne and apotheke ubtan face scrub ( it is necessary to exfoliate to eliminate and prevent blackheads and acne).

Well good luck finding a wash that suits you! Remember no matter what your beautiful! I hope i helped.

Steven asks…

How long does the accutane treatment last ? And what about the side effects ?

I would like to have this treatment as I have been bothered by acne for years now, however it is not severe acne, its very mild and sometimes I can go for weeks without having breakouts, but they always come back. I was told its 6 months but I would like to know if it can be for a shorter period depending on the severity of the acne.
Also, what about the side effects ? Can you drink (moderately) ? Is it depressive or whatever ?
Thank you for your answers !

admin answers:

This Man made drug has been pulled of the shelves in some states of the USA so please research first yet remember some facts of life….We are mammals therefore breathe through our skin and the pores within will soak up all man made drugs yet they are alien to our existence upon earth for we came from nature….your skin if treated with mans drugs is liable to educe various health issues so please read up on what type of creature you are….Man did not create man so has no natural knowledge on how to repair man unlike a car which man did create therefore may I suggest what I have used…Johnson’s baby oil and shower/shampoo for think on this….we all would love baby’s skin and many many mothers use Johnson’s products for this company has been making these over a very long period so please think on this first but be patient for your skin needs time to repair…I hope this is helpful for natural products like Bees wax etc are much more connected to who we are and where we come from….good luck…

Nancy asks…

What is the best contraceptive after having first baby until we are ready for the next?

What is the best contraceptive after having first baby until we are ready for the next? We are planning for two years gap. He or she; who of both should go for a treatment? I mean if man should go for it I am ready to get any treatment; but I have listen that man’s contraceptive treatment is irreversible, is it true?

admin answers:

Yaz is a good birth control pill, plus it helps with cramping, bloating, lighter periods, acne, and PMS symptoms.

And I think you’re thinking of a vasectomy- no it’s not permanent, you can reverse it. The catch there is that it’s not guaranteed to be reversible- so he very well might be infertile for the rest of his life. Just get the pill. It’s much smarter if you plan on another baby.

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