Acne Treatments For Men

Helen asks…

What is the best acne treatment for men?

I’m trying to find some good acne treatment for men, but the only one I found is Clearasil for Men Energizing Acne Scrub for Acne-Prone Skin. If there’s a better one, I need to know. The sooner the better.

admin answers:

Try Proactive if that one doesn’t work and it makes your acne worse there are other brands like clearisil, clean and clear & Nutergina

Donna asks…

What is the best type of Acne treatment?

I dont have terrible acne but i have been starting to get more acne on my chin and nose lately. its not alot. its just spotty. like a few pimples on my nose and 1 or 2 on my chin. What is the best type of acne treatment for this? I hear the new Neutrogina “wave” massager works nice. I also hear good things about the proactive system. What do you think? Thanks!

admin answers:

Personally, I think that the key to good skin is the right skin care line. Proactiv is good for serious acne, but at that point you are battling a problem by drying out your skin.

Try Clinique products. They’ll give you a face type (at a counter in the mall or online) and they’ll provide a range of products specifically geared for your face for the perfect balance. They also have acne stuff to fight the outbreaks, but you’ll have a lot less of them once your face is properly taken care of.

Their acne products are great and they help me with my little breakouts from time to time, but I have so little breakouts now that I’ve gotten my face straight.

Jeez, I sound like a Clinique cultist. But it works, I promise.

By the way, they have a men’s line–my bf uses it because I forced him. Now he loves it.

Mandy asks…

how to keep consistent acne treatment?

I have had acne for two years now. My acne has progressivly gotten worse on my cheeks. I have done every acne treatment known to man. I have done trials of never touching my face to trials where i try to pop as many zits as possible. when i try a new medication i clear up a little the next week. but then it comes back. i feel like i am becoming immune to the medication. how can i be consistent in acne loss?

admin answers:

I’ve heard jojoba oil is good for acne, and in your case it may work better than the other things you’ve been trying. I know it’s an oil, but it won’t make you break out. Apparently it’s supposed to act as sebum, once it’s absorbed into your skin, your body thinks it’s sebum, so it won’t produce as much. You can get it on Amazon and health stores/sites, it’s fairly cheap.

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