Acne Treatments For Oily Skin

Robert asks…

Tried any acne treatments with my skin type that work?

I have oily skin (not too bad), and I don’t get big blemishes, but I get really small little bumps all over my face. I’ve tried Proactive, Acne Free, etc, and I want something that will really clear my face up, especially the bumps all over my cheeks. I don’t want a prescription treatment, just something I can buy at Walmart. Anything that works well (or works miracles)? =] Thanks so much!
I’ve tried SkinID too.

admin answers:

I’ve been in that situation and there is really nothing you can do about it. There are things you can do to try to reduce the blemishes and get rid of acne/pimples temporarily but you will always be finding yourself cleaning your face or your body depending on where it’s at.

I mean of course your acne should go away eventually but for some this is the case their whole life.

I’m 29 years old and have been suffering from these little pests since I was a teenager. I tried all sorts of face washes from the local grocery store and what not, but nothing seemed to work. If anything it would just make my skin dry and itchy.

Literally the best acne face wash I’ve ever used has been this stuff called clearpores. It has got rid of the acne to quickest and has been a success ever since I got it. It’s unique cause of it’s herbal supplement you take a long with it that helps your skin from the inside out. I saved money on it at at the time which was helpful.

You should really look into this stuff and if you can to assure the best results, get the 3 month supply because if it doesn’t work it will still save you butt on the return policy.

Well good luck and best wishes.

Thomas asks…

What are some ways to get rid of oily skin?

I have extremely oily skin which causes a lot of acne on my face.
I tried almost everything, as it seems, and nothing works for me!
I don’t want to try ProActive or any real expensive treatment.

Also, if there is good coverup makeup that won’t clog my pores.

Any type of suggestions would be really appreciated.

admin answers:

A good way to get rid of oil really fast when you are out is to use toilet seat covers they are a kind of paper but feel a little bit like parchment paper. You just put it on your skin and let it soak the oil up. A good coverup would probably be Bare Minerals. Those are expensive but a very similiar one is physicicans formula . Both of these products are made with natural minerals and they do not clog pores. If you don’t like powders try another coverup from Physicians Formula they are natural but all coverups are going to clog your pores a little except the mineral powders which is you best bet.

Joseph asks…

Which acne product’s would you suggest for an oily nose?

I’m a young black american/asian and it can be quite embarrassing sometimes with an oily nose. I always take care of my facial skin, i even squeeze out the bacteria in my nose but it always comes back. I’ve tried a lot of acne treatments but I don’t think none were for oily skin texture.

admin answers:

I have suffered with a really bad form of acne for years but I actually have it under control right now so I’ve actually tried a lot of products. I have naturally oily skin as well and what I found that works best for me is clean&clear’s morning burst facial cleanser and to help with the oily nose, clean&clear also has the oil absorbing sheets. They work wonders for me. Hopefully they will for you also. If you have sensitive skin, be careful about the products that you use though. They can actually make it worse. But I know that the products that I mentioned are safe to use on sensitive skin. Good luck :)

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