Acne Treatments For Oily Skin

Paul asks…

What’s the best anti-acne treatment product for oily skin I can get from the market today?

Need information ranging from what soap or facial wash to use to anti-acne creams, etc. Please help! My breakouts just won’t give up and benzoyl peroxide (Panoxyl) cream gives me dark spots on the acne area that’s equally difficult to remove. Is there any other anti-acne cream out there that doesn’t darken the acne area? I’m planning to buy Proactiv. Is it any good?

admin answers:


Why are Dead Sea Cosmetics Good For My Skin?

So why is this good for you and your skin you ask? Well, your skin requires certain essential minerals in order to be able to naturally hydrate itself. During the course of the day, your skin’s mineral levels are depleted and very often, do not return to their optimal, healthiest levels. The Dead Sea contains over 26 of these essential minerals – much more than any other body of water in the world. Products made with Dead Sea minerals, thoroughly cleanse your skin, to get rid of any environmental particles in the pores. The minerals also work to tighten the skin, replentish it’s natural moisture levels, and keep it healthy and glowing. The best part about all of it is that these cosmetics are not oily like so many other creams and they are also completely natural, not using the arificial chemicals often present in brand name skin care products.

James asks…

Is there a laser treatment for oily skin?

I’m a girl, and I have really oily skin. It’s just a huge nuisance and I hate having to powder my face all the time. Soooo jealous of those girls that never have to powder their skin. I was just wondering if there was a laser treatment to make skin produce less oil, since I believe there are laser treatments to treat acne.

admin answers:

The more you try to get oil off your face, the more your skin will produce it.

Read this:

It got rid of all my spots, blackheads and excess oil! It’s pretty scary to try at first, but it really works!

Daniel asks…

How to get rid of blackheads and reduce oily skin?

I have blackheads on my nose and cheeks i tried everything but nothing works and i have oily skin also. I used to have acne but for some unknown reason its completely gone. Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreaciated.

admin answers:

Find a lotion with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid will dissolve the oil inside the blackheads and whiteheads from the inside. They will be completely gone within a week.

Here is a good brand that is less than $10:

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