Acne Treatments For Oily Skin

Chris asks…

Which 3-step skin care products work the best?

I really need a routine for my skin at night, and I’ve heard people say if you’re going to buy skin care products, buy the 3-step ones with a cleanser, toner, and acne treatment. Which CHEAP skin care products like this work best for oily skin?

admin answers:

Becareful of the types of products you use on your face, especially if you have oily skin, as you don’t want your skin to produce more oil.
You really need to use natural products and try to avoid ones with chemicals.
Sometimes a toner may increase the oil production.
Always look for poducts which say oil free.

Betty asks…

If you have acne, is it ok not to use acne treatments?

I have mild-moderate acne and oily skin.

I want to stop using topical acne treatments and just leave my skin alone.

Will I end up getting even more breakouts this way?

admin answers:

Just leave your skin alone and have a good diet and excercise regularly and you should results. Applying all those treatments is not good. Your battle your skin in the long run.


Joseph asks…

What is the best acne skin care for oily skin?

I’m 17 & I have really bad acne & blackheads and oily skin but i work in fast food so i’m around oil ALL the time and it seems to only make it worst. what can i use to help control & get rid of my acne & blackheads?

admin answers:

I have acne to but ever since I started using Biore my skin is so much better but I’m still working on making it better, but you need about 5 products and that will cost around $25-$30 but they last. I’ve been doing this for about 3 weeks and I have not had any break outs.

In the morning use Biore Pore Minimizing Face wash. It has a few beads and is almost like a hair gel texture. I find it reduces shine and I gets really foamy when some water is added. I like that product a lot.

In the day time when your at work you should use Biore cleansing cloths on your breaks, they are all ready moist so you don’t need to add water.

Before you go to sleep use Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub, some people say not to use a scrub everyday but this is very mild with not to many beads it also makes your face feel cold after. Wash that off then apply Biore skin recharging foaming cleanser it is very relaxing, wash off that then apply Clean&Clear spot treatment invisable.

Good luck!

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