Acne Treatments For Oily Skin

Susan asks…

What is the best acne cream/gel to put on overnight?

I have cry-oily skin (if that makes any sense) and it is very sensitive. Currently I am using Clinique Acne Spot Treatment, and not saying it’s not a great product, but it does not seem to be working for me. Sugestions please.

admin answers:

To be honest acne creams just dry out your skin causing acne scars, so just use natural gentle face washes like burts bees (you can get it at walgreens) and dont forget to moisturize. Preferably with aloe vera, you can get a plant from home depot for 5 dollars and the healing properties are amazing. Just rub the gel on your face before bed everynight and within 2 weeks your skin will be soft, radiant, and healthy with no signs of acne or redness. But like i said get a gentle non chemical cleanser, Burts bees orange essence facial cleanser is the best thing you will ever buy, i cant live without it, and its affordable at only $8. Dont forget about the aloe though, these two work together and do amazing things for your skin.

Robert asks…

What is the best treatment and make-up foundation for severe acne and oily skin?

I have oily skin and bad acne…I have tried seriously everything from Pro-active to clean and clear to neutrogena to noxema to arbonne and everything in between. Salycilic acid and benzoyl peroxide do not work for me. I was looking into emu oil, but i dont know if it would make my skin even more oily or not, and if it would look good under foundation. I wear make-up as well, and since my face gets really oily quickly, i was looking for a good foundation that covers up blemishes and also does not look oily. I guess I am looking for suggestions about any face washes, creams, makeup or treatments that work well. I am a college student, and I do not have all that much money, so I usually do not get real expensive stuff. Thanks!

admin answers:

For oily skin with pimples – Mix 2 tsp.Fuller’s earth with 2 tsp. Of chilled rose water. Make it a paste and apply on the face with brush.After 20 minutes rinse with warm water. Do once a week ….read more >>>>

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Ruth asks…

How to get rid of skin peeling?

I’m using Oxy acne treatment, and it’s working really good. I’ve only been using it 4 days, and my acne is almost gone! The only bad thing is that it is causing my skin to peel really bad. I don’t want to stop using it, but I don’t want my skin to look all flaky. I don’t want to use a moisturizer either because I have really oily skin and if I use lotion it will make my acne worse. How can I get rid of my skin peeling and not make my acne worse?

admin answers:

Face lotion should help, i use cetaphil and it helps to keep you from peeling.

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