Acne Treatments For Oily Skin

Carol asks…

What is the best acne treatment for oily skin?

Any products that you guys have used personally and have worked for you??? Anyone with oily skin….

admin answers:

I have super oily skin and the only thing that’s helped me was using Proactive. I’ve been using Proactive for a while now and it works amazingly! I haven’t had a breakout in a while, and if I do get a little acne, it goes away fast. I just wish I could get rid of these scars :(

But some people have different results so you may want to try it first. Proactive is giving out free samples on their website, just look for the small free sample icon and it’ll lead you through a series of steps, or go to the direct link here

Good luck, I hope that helps :)

Sharon asks…

Would this be a good facial mask to reduce acne and oily skin?

2 teaspoons of oatmeal, 2 teaspoons of honey, some squirts of pure rosewater, a tiny bit of pure lemon juice and a tiny bit of water mixed together as a facial mask to reduce acne and oily skin. My skin is not sensitive. If this does work, how many times a week should I use this treatment? Any suggestions to make this treatment better? Thanks!

admin answers:

Yes its great. Oatmeal helps to make skin less oily, honey makes your skin glow, rosewater is amazing for acne and for blackheads, and lemon helps with scars. You should use this 2 times a week . One in the begginning of the week and one in the end, if you would like. And if it doesnt work ,application of just natural honey twice a day should do the trick. Hope you look fabulous after this! <3 ciao.

Mark asks…

what is the best acne treatment product?

I have been trying to find a good acne/blemish product for oily skin that actually works. Not really looking for anything that requires you to order on an auto shipment; would prefer something I could try and buy more if it actually works for me.

Please only answer if you have tried it and have had good results and if so where you can typically get it?

admin answers:

Ok so before i tell you this just keep in mind that what works for my skin may not work for your skin

I have been using LUSH’s Dark angels facial cleanser (its black and made of charcoal which is great for getting rid of excess oils on your face) i used it about 1 year ago, and my skin instantly cleared up…but this goes bad after 3 month since it is so fresh…and i had no time to go back to LUSH so i started using different things such as the philosophy purity is simple and loreal 360 go clean..none of these things worked for actually kind of made my acne worse

So my sister goes to school in the city where lush is located, so i asked her to pick me up a few things on her way back..i totally forgot to ask her to get dark angels because i was so focused on getting two other things, which was the tea tree oil toner, and grease lightning acne spot treatment

i heard soo many things about these products and how it was supposed to remove acne since they both had tea tree oil in it…i used the grease lightning and it did nothing for my face, so i gave it to my friend and it cleared up her skin, but then again she has dry skin and i have kinda gace my face the feeling that it was dirty right after i applied it after i washed my face

the tea tree water didnt improve my skin at all, but it did make my face feel fresh after i washed it so i continued to use it to get off any excess dirt..

So 2 days ago i went to the city and picked up the dark angels facial cleanser and i used it…it has only been 2 days, and yet my skin is almost cleared up ( i only break out on the forehead)…..

I also made a mask of this by taking dark angels facial cleanser and mixing it with aspirin (uncoated) and honey

IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SPEND THE MONEY ON DARK ANGELS (it can be pretty pricey but it will last u a long time)

alternative (Charcoal face mask)

u will need
- charcoal tablets
-aloe vera gel
- honey
- sugar
-vitamin e oil
- tea tree oil

add about 2 tablets to a dish
then squeeze in a squirt of aloe vera gel and a squirt of honey
add a teaspoon of sugar
and half a teaspoon of vitamin e oil
and around 3 drops of tea tree oil

Mix well

and apply to face and wait for it to dry..i would leave it on for about 20 min to get the full effect
then, wash your face and mouisterize as usual

LUSH has many things that will help rid acne…such as their other cleansers like aquamarina, fresh farmacy, and coalface…i tried all these but dark angels was the best

Also u can try their cupcake mask..its basically a chocolate mask great for scarring on your face.

U can make it yourself if u want by mixing cocoa powder, honey, plain yogurt in a bowl =)
Hope i helped

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