Acne Treatments For Sensitive Skin

Helen asks…

Is there acne treatments for sensitive skin?

I’m 15 years old and currently have mild acne . I tried products such as proactive and clearsil none of them seem to be affective and some of the products irritate my skin. Does anyone have any suggestions.

admin answers:

To be honest, do what i did and take vitamins. I has a decent amount of acne at your age and no medicine worked. If anything, all the medicine did was make my skin hurt. I read a thing in a magazine about vitamins for clearing up skin. Take beta-carotine, zinc and fish oil. Those three worked for me. The one you really wanna take is the zinc. It will clear your face up in a few weeks trust me. Make sure you take the zinc with water. Good luck bro!

Betty asks…

I am a black female with uneven skin tone. What suggestions does anyone have for getting clear skin?

I also use proactive to clear up my acne. Are there any other products anyone recommends for acne that might be better? With regards to skin tone, my face has several patches and I have sensitive skin and don’t want any thing that will irritate me. I have several people who have suggested that I try the Clear Essence Line or the Clear N Smooth line. Has anyone used any of these products or does anyone have any comments? If there are any websites or products you suggest I am very open to anything that has worked for anyone with a similar situation or problem.

admin answers:

You should try the Mary Kay skincare line, they have it all and all the products work together to create amazing results!!! Also is very good for sensitive skin as it contains no alcohol or fragrances. I started using it and am so happy with the results, I use the regular cleanser and moisterizers…and for present and future zits I use the blemish toner(so much better than proactive) and acne treatment gel. For old blemishes and uneven skin tone I use the Microdermabrasion set, it literally changes your skin!!!

They also make and Even Skintone Serum that I havent personally used but my friend has and loves it, I am going to get it soon!!!

If you can find a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant she will let you try the product and do a skincare facial with you and you can tell the difference right away, you’ll be happy trust me <3

James asks…

I have some acne scars that i want to get rid of any advice or products?

Is there any way to get rid of acne without makeup or really expensive facial treatments? I have very oily and sensitive skin too, so I have to careful about anything put on my face, because I don’t want my skin to dry out or breakout .

admin answers:

Pineapple juice has a good amount of ascorbic acid which acts as a good bleach for the skin, so when applied often and washed after 10 or 15 minutes help a great deal in reducing acne,pimple scars. More such solutions at

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