Acne Treatments For Sensitive Skin

Nancy asks…

Does anyone have good almost certain to work treatment for acne?

I have bad acne and sensitive skin. Clearasil, ivory soap, and most common remedies haven’t helped much. Does anyone have any suggestions?

admin answers:

There are a variety of ways to treat acne and many acne sufferers have found that the natural types of acne treatments can be effective at helping to stop your acne and no negative side effects.Log on to for a few home made tips to heal acne

Richard asks…

what is the best over the counter acne scar treatment for sensitive skin?

i dont have much discolorations but i have some pockmarks not very deep nor noticeable. . In the right lighting the shadows make them very noticeable though. really brings down my self esteem.. my skin isnt smooth… it reminds me of a cookie under my eyes and aside my nose… more like my pores are large but its not my pores just from all the acne as a teen. is there an over the counter micro_dermabrasion system for sensitive skin? maybe even just a cream? anyting?

admin answers:

If you are thinking of getting a micro_dermabrasion treatment then what you have to know is if you have any islander culture in your heritage such as; aboriginal, African American, Fijian or anything like these then micro_dermabrasion will only make scars worse. (I have all three of these cultures in my background, my Great Grandfather was a full blood Fijian and I have been told I will never be able to receive this treatment)

If I was you and you didn’t want to go to a doctor just yet then the first thing I would do would be to go to a site such as for example

And see which type of acne scaring you are suffering from so you know the name of your type of scaring. Then type into your google search bar eg; ‘(Name of you scaring here) scar removal’ or ‘(Name of you scaring here) scar treatment’

Have a look around on some sites and see if you can find anything that sounds like it could help your situation. If you decide that you would rather get a second opinion then I strongly suggest going to see a doctor. They might be able to recommended something that could help you otherwise try a Beauty Therapist they can recommend things doctors cant and they are very helpful trust me, my Beauty Therapist and I have just recently started trying to find a way to remove my sever post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

I’m sorry I cant recommend anything but seeing as I don’t know what type of scaring you have I wouldn’t want to recommended the wrong thing. And a lot of over the counter creams that I have tried have done nothing!

I hope you will have more luck than it seems I am having with my scar removal.

Donna asks…

How can I clear acne if I have sensitive skin?

I have very sensitive skin and I have mild acne. I have what seems like a million blackheads, and those zit that are there but you can’t always tell. And every now and then I get a few large red zits that go away in a week tops. I have tried so many porducts and I can’t use proactive on my skin. I tried the Acne free kit and it burned my skin and made my acne worse. I’m thinking of trying CeraVe. Is it worth it? Tell me what wirks, and don’t give me any natural remedies!

admin answers:

After cleaning dirt and makeup off my face, I use neutrogena rapid clear maximum treatment pads on my face. After wiping my face with the pads and letting the solution sit/dry for about 30 seconds I use neutrogena rapid clear 2-in-1 fight and fade gel acne treatment on the areas of my face that are breaking out.
I was in your situation about a year ago and I used both neutrogena acne treatments at night and I could already see that my face was clearing up by morning! Highly suggest using these products and my nightly routine :)



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