Acne Treatments For Sensitive Skin

Nancy asks…

What acne product would you recommend for someone with very sensitive skin?

I recently bought Stridex pads for my acne problem and while they were helping to clear it up, they made my skin extremely dry and chapped, almost to the point where it actually hurts. I already have dry, super sensitive skin to begin with and having acne embarrasses me so much.

What products should I buy? I can’t afford ProActive or any of those things from infomercials. Anything cheap and easy to find in stores like Dollar General, CVS, etc… and that actually works?

admin answers:

Keep away from anything with chemicals and alcohol in it. Sensitive skins don’t do very well with these types of products.

Here’s a natural product that’s only $21 at the moment. It’s gentle and soothing as well as corrects balance of the skin.


George asks…

What is best treatment for sensitive skin acne?

i have sensitive skin and i was wondering what i could use. im trying proactiv right now…

admin answers:

I also have sensitive skin, and occasionally have acne break outs.

I find all of the topical stuff burns my skin and causes peelings and other bad stuff.

The best treatment is going to the store and buying acidophilus or buying probiotics online. Probiotics provide “good bacteria” to your face instead of the bad bacteria which causes acne. They eliminate the acne so you don’t have to use creams, wipes, or irritating stuff. I hope you find a good solution.

You might want to check out (for more information).

Lisa asks…

What is the best acne treatment, besides proactive, for sensitive skin?

I am going on 16. My and my skin has not been the greatest for a few years now. I started using proactive about a year and a half ago and it worked perfectly for a long time but just this year my eyes started swelling and now I need something different but still strong enough. Thanks! :)

admin answers:

All of the acne products mentioned here are very effective at what they do. I have actually used the first product mentioned to get rid of my own acne. I tried Proactive as well but because of my sensitive skin it didn’t work for me. I came across TRIA Skin Clarifying System and decided to buy it since I know TRIA has some really good line of products and I was quite surprised when I noticed my skin clearing up. No bad reaction or irritation. Works pretty quickly as well. So, I would recommend that one from personal experience.

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