Acne Treatments For Sensitive Skin

Mark asks…

What are some good surgical solutions to help get rid of acne?

I don’t have severe acne, but i hate the one or two that seem to come up just as the other one leaves. I also have very sensitive skin and no matter what I always end up witha tiny scar.

I was wondering if any one knows of a shot, or medical treatment I can do that will help me get rid of this problem and about how much it costs.

Please don’t tell me about face washes and creams, as i have tried them all and have even gotten facials.

Thanks alot (in advance)

admin answers:

I’m going to this laser center, they’re giving me blue light treatment, this blue wavelength of light kills the P. Acnes bacteria in skin. My acne has since reduced significantly. I once have large nodular type ones. Now they’re just but tiny-tiny 1 or 2 bumps that rarely appear… Sometimes i don’t even have any (except nearing my period, hormonal reasons). But with this treatment, make sure you have money to spend… Lasers are not famous bargains.

Ps: someone answered proactiv? Don’t even bother. SAY NEVER. I tried that, and within 2 weeks of using it my face flared up with pimples the size of quarters. Seriously. It hurt even when i wasn’t touching it, really bad infection. I had to go to urgent care, get vaccinated to immediately remove morbid infection… It totally ruined my face. The laser treatment i’m having now has removed the problems i had with stupid proacne, i mean -activ.

Chris asks…

What is the best facial cleanser for really oily skin yet sensitive skin?

I have extremely oily skin and a bit of acne on my checks and for head, but I also have really sensitive skin.. so it’s REALLY hard to find something that works. Most acne cleansers give me a rash and really bother my skin.. do you know know anything that is good for acne and sensitive skin?

admin answers:

I also have EXTREMELY oily skin thats acne prone and sensitive. This is my recent routine that works brilliantly for me and it’s relatively affordable with natural products:

For cleanser: Thoroughly Clean face Wash by Desert Essence.

Exfoliation: Yes To Tomatos Deep Pore Scrub (gentle enough for daily use and really does the job!)

Toner: Witch Hazel. It will remove excess oil/bacteria that you may be trapped in pores as well as tighten them. Ideal for oily/acne prone skin + super cheap at drugstore.


Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Oil Control Lotion as moisturizer in the morning. This matifies face without overdrying it. It balances it, refreshing and moisturizing at the same time. Also both to a degree helps to treat acne, prevent it if there is a problem with it.

At night (after using one of thoroughly clean cleanser again) I alternate between using pure Jojoba Oil from Desert Essence/Jason Natural or MSM Lotion Orange Ylang Ylang.

The jojoba is also balancing for oily skin, tricking it into producing less oil but is very moisturizing to spots that may be dry, reduces redness, treats acne etc. The ylang ylang I use when my skin is looking dull or I have some puffyness. It restores brightness, life, does away with puffyness while balancing skin and leaving appropriately moisture, NOT greasiness.

Masks: Only once a week to prevent overdrying. Alba Botanica Deep Sea Facial Mask.

Acne treatment: Directly on blemishes only if I happen to get any and need to shrink them. Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick is great. Overnight about 80 percent of blemish goes down without overdrying surrounding skin or irritating.

In morning after moisturizer absorbs, apply thin layer of plain milk of magnesia to entire face with makeup sponge. Allow it to dry and smooth out white spots you may see. They will disappear and you will be ready for makeup if you wear any. This in place of traditional primer with the routine will keep you matte all day and tighten pores.

If you wear any foundation, tinted moisturizer, bb cream, mineral veil etc make sure that it is oil free with matte finish. Always lightly set with matte finishing powder.

Paul asks…

What is a good acne product for a 15 year old girl?

I don’t have major acne, but I have enough to need some sort of treatment. I have extremely sensitive facial skin and my face is allergic to benzoyl peroxide so its hard for me to find something. Any ideas?

admin answers:

The best acne product is proactive. But if you don’t have severe acne, I suggest nutrogema face wash or clean and Clear face wash. Get something that will keep the oil away without drying out your skin. And, if you use liquid or powder foundation/blush, try to avoid it for a couple days. It clogs your pours and that is what makes pimples.

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