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Donald asks…

How do I remove and prevent stains from Proactiv solution on clothes and linens?

I use Proactiv acne treatment on my face before bed at night. It contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. It has already stained pillowcases, towels and several shirts, especially around the neckline. It stains every textile it comes into contact with via my face and hands, even though I wash my hands after applying it. How can I remove the stains and prevent them recurring–which they otherwise will if I continue to use Proactiv?

admin answers:

This is actually not a stain, but a bleach. In other words, the benzoil peroxide does not DEPOSIT color, but REMOVES color.
I’ve discovered this the hard way. This stuff is so powerful it has bleached spots in my bathroom walls!! I had to repaint the walls.
I always wear a white robe every time I use the products. Continue to wash your hands thoroughly after you are done applying the product and use old towels or the already damaged towels to dry. As for your pillowcase, buy a couple of white ones just for this purpose.

Linda asks…

What are some good, inexpensive acne treatments that really work?

I need some inexpensive acne products that will actually work. Please suggest some that i could find at a drugstore. I am 13 and have pimples on my forehead that i would like to get rid of.

admin answers:

Neutrogena Acne Wash.
Use Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick for spot treatments.
- drink water and eat healthy.
- if you wear make up, wash it off at night.
- find a good moisturizer.
Good luck :)

Sharon asks…

acne treatments, so they actually work well?

does AcneFree Severe Acne Treatment System actually work? does Klear Action Acne Treatment System work? does Clearasil Stayclear Maximum Strength Tinted Acne Treatment Cream work? if not to any of them what is the BEST acne treatment in walmart, kmart,walgreens, or anyother store in the waupaca- wautoma area.

admin answers:

You would just have to try them yourself, none of those worked at all for me even proactive did nothing, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Every one’s body is different.

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