Acne Treatments That Actually Work

Donald asks…

Do acne treatment medecine and creams actually cause acne?

My older brother says that acne medicine and creams make pimples go away for a bit and then bring more pimples so that the company can make money off you buying their product multiple times. Is this true? and what homemade acne treatment is proven to work?

admin answers:

That’s not nessicarily true, if you use acne creams and treatments they actually do work however acne treatments work differently for different people because people have different skin types. However i knew this one person who used this acne crem to make her acne go away and it actually made it worse BUT when the person’s sister used it it completely cured their acne.
You just have to find what kind of acne treatment works best with and for your skin. You could try to find skin ID from nuetragena . They ask you questions about your skin and the type of acne you have and then they give you the type of creams that work best with your skin.i havn’t used it my self but to me it seems that the product you get would be best for your skin.
Good luck
hope this answers your question :)

Mark asks…

what are the steps for taking care of skin that is waxed?

i actually threaded my own face hair and its bright red and like i have acne marks and then redness on top now. I just want to prevent any more pimples

The thing is should i still cleanse and moisturize in that area? and use acne treatment??

what can help prevent the redness after waxing.

admin answers:

First off if you have oily skin don’t use lotions or oils on your face. And if you waxed putting deodorant where you waxed actually helps. Also when shaving. And you shouldn’t cleanse more than two times a day sinse it damages skin. And for the redness just let it be. Cold air helps. Also ice sometimes feels good. Roll on deodorant works too

Richard asks…

What acne treatment actually works for about everyone? Cetahil?

I heard cetaphil is good but does it work for acne? What do you use? Please?

admin answers:

No one thing works for everybody. Cetaphil is a good cleanser and moisturizer, but it is not acne treatment. If cleansing alone fixed acne, dermatologists would not have to treat it. Over the counter you have benzoyl peroxide for pimples and salicylic acid for blackheads. There are many brands of these two things. If after two months these don’t help, see the dermatologist.

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