Acne Treatments That Actually Work

Chris asks…

How to keep makeup from sweating off without product?

It’s getting to be summer time and when I go to the mall or walk around town with my friends I don’t want to look like a mess after an hour. I use Avon’s acne treatment foundation(I got it for free and I can’t afford to buy more.) And to wash my face before hand I use Clearasil Ultra 3 step treatment.

When I get a job I’ll be able to afford things,like better makeup, but being 16 it’s hard to get a job here. =S.

admin answers:

Makeup is not so expensive.. You can get makeup for 10 bucks and it will last awhile. Ten bucks is like, the price of lunch for a day or two…
If you’d like to try a new one, there are drugstores that let you return opened makeup, check the policy. Many do… A long lasting makup with good coverage is the revlon colorstay.
You can also get samples from sephora.. You might like the bare escentuals mineral makeup they have there.. Try it and then if you like it, i suggest you ask someone to get it for your birthday..
I believe that you may be able to afford makeup, you’re not used to buying or spending money on it which makes it seem very expensive to you.. It gets very expensive to try many new makeups, but if you sample from sephora or if you search reviews on drugstore brands before you buy then you may be able to get what you’re looking for.
I’ve been buying makeup since i was 12 actually, it was not that expensive then i remember? I think covergirl used to be around 5 bucks… Covergirl isn’t that great in my opinion but that’s what i used to use.. I’d also use brucci and wet and wild makeup..
Nowadays i like kohls makeup and maybe physicians formula.. Almay is ok too. I would really like the revlon colorstay alot but i think i’m allergic to it, i have sensitive skin.

Btw, when you hang out at the mall maybe you can go do or freshen your makeup at sephora for free.. And get free samples.. I said that already but, I reread your question and noticed you were concerned about how your makeup will hold up at the mall..

Steven asks…

Is there a natural way to get rid of acne?

I have tried different acne treatments but it really dries my skin.So I was wondering if there is a natural way to treat acne without drying my skin.

admin answers:

Actually I know of two ways my mom has been telling me to use ever since I got acne when I was like 14? I don’t remember ahah but you can either cut up lemons or oranges and the acid in them will kill bacteria and it really works for me but it does dry out my skin a little bit. Also, drink A LOT of water, I usually drink 3 water bottles a day. And if you get a little facial cleansing brush at sephora for $5 it works good too :)

Sandra asks…

Any Bad Acne treatment systems that actually work?

I ave really bad acne and I’m looking for a good treatment system that can really work to get rid of my acne for good. Any tips for treating acne will be very appreciated. Thanks.

admin answers:

The only treatment that really works for severe acne is with a drug called Isotretinoin. You have to see a skin specialist to obtain it as it can have severe side effects and needs close monitoring,.

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