Acne Treatments That Actually Work

William asks…

What is the best store-bought acne treatment?

I was thinking about buying proactiv but i didn’t want to have to order anything and also i was thinking about buying these acne treatments Clean & Clear Toner, Neutrogena Acne Treatment Lotion and Clearasil but i don’t know which one will actually work for me

admin answers:

There’s a store that’s dedicated to selling all those as seen on TV products and you can buy Proactive there and sometimes in malls Proactive will have a booth.
You’ll have to experiment with which products work best for you, every ones skin is different so if someone were to say “Hey try Clearasil it worked great for me” it might not necessarily do anything for you.

Daniel asks…

What are some home remedies for whiteheads?

I recently started a Skin ID regimen. My face as a whole looks healthier. It seems that all my acne is now is whiteheads. What exactly causes them? The only cause that I can see it the anti-acne treatment which is a white cream that they tell you to leave on after applying. So, could that possibly be clogging my pores?

admin answers:

I doubt it. The bacteria in the white heads is contagious so if you are popping them it allows new ones to form. It actually takes about 10 days for that to all happen.

Be sure to follow skin Id 100% by directions. Do you have a mask with the system?

Ruth asks…

How long will it take to heal?

So what i thought was another cold sore was actually a pimple. I popped it last night and all the puss came out. So how long should it take to heal completely? I’m using Hydrogen Peroxide to clean it and applying a topical acne treatment immediately after. I’m hardly touching it unless I’m cleaning it. It was pretty big and hurt a lot. I only had it for about 2 days before I popped it. It doesn’t hurt as much now but still hurts a little bit. So how long until it heals?

admin answers:

Mine took like a little more then a week to heal, so I’m guessing a week or 2 ,depending on how bad it is

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