Acne Treatments That Actually Work

Robert asks…

Best over the counter treatment for back acne scars ?

I used to have acne on my back and now it’s mostly gone , but I still have these scars and they’re really noticeable . Are there any over the counter acne scar treatments that actually work ?

admin answers:

Try maderma scar cream

Mary asks…

Would acne treatment that uses foam really be any different?

i saw this commercial for this acne treatment that said that theirs would actually work because it was foam…. How would foam really make that much difference??

They were like, yes proactiv has similar stuff and so does skin Id and then some other one, but then they were like, but ours has foam! Sounded pretty ridiculous to me.

admin answers:

Hahahahahaha. There’s no difference (: actually, foam takes up more space in the bottle or something. It’s pretty ridiculous.

Susan asks…

What is the better acne treatment out of skinID and murad?

My daughter wants to try a new acne treatment (proactive and everything from the drug store) Do not work for her.

She has super sensitive skin and its acne proan. I have heard great things about skinID and murad and was wondering what one would be best for her again her skin is super sensitivite and acne proan

Please don’t say try this or that we have tryed everything except for skinID and murad.

Best answer will be chosen.

admin answers:

SkinID will most likely suit your daughter’s young skin better than Murad. Murad is known for causing ‘purging’ which basically means the skin will breakout a ton before it actually starts to prevent it. She wouldn’t want that since she’ll be going to school. Skin ID is also great because it can be personalized for each individuals skin and conditions.

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