Acne Treatments That Actually Work

Maria asks…

what is the best acne treatment there is?

I need to know what acne treatment works the best? whether its over the counter or under which works the best?

admin answers:

I have tried quite a few acne treatment products and the one that worked the best for me was TRIA Skin Clarifying System. There is actually a good page on the product and how it works here if you were interested in checking it out. It’s one that is really good as it works unlike some of the other acne products I have tried such as Proactiv. It didn’t irritate my skin or leave it feeling dry and actually cleared up my acne.

Sandra asks…

Is topiclear good for getting rid of acne?

My wife insists that using topiclear as an acne treatment cream works, when the bottle doesnt even hint the slightest detail of getting rid of acne. It’s actually a skin bleaching agent. Has anyone else used it as an acne treatment and gotten beneficial results?

admin answers:

On it says.. “Topiclear Classic products blend a special formula of active ingredients with hydroquinone, powerful antioxidants and botanical extracts which are designed principally for melanin-rich skin to reduce skin discolorations, pigments, and unattractive blemishes through gentle exfoliation and normalization of skin oil production, leaving it clearer and more even toned.

So apparently! Haha

Lisa asks…

Are there any acne treatments that actually work?

I’ve tried a bunch of different products. My doctor has tried prescribing treatments but none of them worked. Can anyone tell me anything they tried that really worked well? And won’t cost me my savings account?

admin answers:

Have you tried Proactive? I’ve been using Proactive for a while now and it works amazingly! I haven’t had a breakout in a while, and if I do get a little acne, it goes away fast. I just wish I could get rid of these scars :(

But some people have different results so you may want to try it first. Proactive is giving out free samples on their website, just look for the small free sample icon and it’ll lead you through a series of steps, or go to the direct link here

Good luck, I hope that helps :)

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