Acne Treatments That Actually Work

Joseph asks…

What line of acne medication will be most effective for my skin?

In order to treat very sensitive, irritated, combination skin with acne, what acne treatment system is best to use for my skin, either from experience, or knowledge.. It gets irritated very, very easily. Dermatologists can’t help, I’ve been to three. Don’t say proactiv.
Please state your story.
Thank you.

admin answers:

None. Seriously. Especially for sensitive skin, you need to just give it a break. Skin isn’t naturally like that. And chemicals in the acne medications aren’t good for it. The only thing I would recommend, is watch what you eat. And for skin care, use all natural products that will actually benefit your skin. The main natural product known for fighting acne is tea tree oil. It works awesomely

John asks…

I have had acne problems for so long now and have not gone to the doctor at all. What difference will it make?

I will go to the Derma on the weekend but I just want to know if they will actually clear my face up ?

I have only taken OTC acne treatment, so what difference will it make if I go to a Dermatologist?

admin answers:

A dermatologist can give you a prescription strength cream, gel, or pill that will address your type of acne. OTC acne treatments rarely work. I think they are a scam.

Ruth asks…

Does anyone use the proactive acne treatment?

I want to know if it’s as good as advertised because I have used just about every single acne treatment on the planet and nothing has worked so far.

admin answers:

Personally, it didn’t work for me. My acne wasn’t all that bad either. I tried it for a good 3 months following the steps daily and I saw no improvement. The stuff really irritated my skin and left it dry. They sent me a gentler version but still, it ended up not working for me so I left it alone. I know for sure it doesn’t work for everyone.In any case, I suggest you take a look at the home acne treatments here The first product mentioned on the site actually worked for me and I have been acne free since using it. I’d recommend it over Proactive.

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