Acne Treatments That Actually Work

Lisa asks…

Is there a cheap acne medication that makes pores smaller?

I once heard about this over the counter acne treatment that makes pores smaller and gets rid of acne. But i don’t remember what it’s called.
And how much does it cost?

admin answers:

Please read my answer for ‘Horrible Acne Problem!?’,
there may be something of use to you there!

Most skin cleansers, moisturizers and make-up contain so many chemicals that damage our cells.

Have you heard of SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate? It is used in most skin cleansers and creams. It actually enlarges skin pores.

If you are interested google ‘Sodium Lauryl Sulphate’.

If you want nice skin, there are products which do not contain all these chemicals in them. Always read the labels – anything with lots of numbers or words that are difficult to pronounce are best avoided.

Good skin products contain natural oils and organic ingredients. Organic oils such as Almond Oil, Calendula infused Oil, Jojoba oil and Macadamia Oil are excellent for the skin. When applied in their natural form straight onto the skin they do a great job at healing acne and blemishes. They can also be worn under make-up.

Even though they are oils, they don’t cause spots and blemishes. They do just the opposite and heal them. Better than chemical ‘disappearing’ creams which do damage to the skin. Even though these promise to take away blemishes, they contribute to you getting more within the next few days. This is due to some of the chemical components of those products.

Save your money and your skin!

David asks…

Actually whats the role of scrub before applying benzoyl peroxide Gel?

I got advise be apply scrub before applying benzoyl peroxie for my acne treatment. Whats the role of the scrub in the game and what how can i get it from a shop?

admin answers:

A scrub will help exfoliate your skin and allow for maximum penetration and effectiveness of the medicine you are using. A good micro-dermabrasion paste is the best thing to use for exfoliation. I use one by Rodan and Fields. You put the paste on a dry face with dry fingers and scrub gently for about a minute. It takes very little product to cover your face, so be sure not to use to much. When I’m done, my skin is silky soft and glowing. It really helps clean the pores out so that when you put the meds on your face, it is easier to sink into the pores and help attack the acne! Feel free to check out my FB page at Your Best Skin NOW for skin care tips and products that really work. OR you can IM or email me here for a free sample. Good luck to you!

Jenny asks…

How do I get rid of my acne scars?

There is a decent sized patch of acne scars on my cheeks. They aren’t old. They are from acne I had this year. They look like little brown circles under the skin. I’ve been using regular acne treatment but it doesn’t help the scars. So what should I do? Will Maderma actually work? And how long does it usually take to work?

admin answers:

Use honey to wash your face, and after put on a aloe cream. I use this for my face and it works for scars and removes dirt.

Also try a sandalwood powder and rosewater mask. You can get these ingredients at a health food store:) Ive tried this on my face as well and it helps :)

Vitamin E oil works wonders too :-)

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