Acne Treatments That Actually Work

William asks…

What are some easy one-step acne treatments?

I tried Proactiv, but it wouldn’t help, and I also couldn’t keep up with the 3 steps, because my days are always full and time is hard to get. So what are some affordable one-step acne treatments that actually work?
Help please!

admin answers:

This might sound redundant, but get a bar of soap, wet it, and rub it on your face. Don’t rinse for atleast 10 minutes. It dries your acne up and most of the time prevents it from reappearing. Worked for me and it was totally by accident.

Linda asks…

If acne is caused my an imbalance of estrogen and/or testosterone, will topical creams/washes help?

If you suspect that acne is caused my a hormone problem, will using those topical acne treatments actually help? At least, will they help any more than a normal face wash?

admin answers:

If you are sure that is the cause of the acne, then oral supplements may help more than topical creams. The mineral zinc is shown to help balance hormones in your body quite well. Zinc gluconate is the best form of zinc for acne. It is sold online, but it can also be found in most grocery stores. I would continue with topicals as well anyway, just to control the breakouts as much as possible. Benzoyl peroxide is the best ingredient for effective topical acne relief.

Sandra asks…

what is the best acne treatment to use?

I’m currently 17 and been having acne for some years. I always use clean and clear on a daily basis but that doesnt really do a dramatic effect. I’ve heard negative review about Proactive solution. Do you know any other acne prevention treatments that actually do work? I need help! I’m in need of clear skin. Thank you.

admin answers:

I am not sure how bad your acne is but my son who is 18 has it pretty bad. His dermatologist wants him to take acutane. It is suppose to cure it. However it is pretty demanding but you only have to take it for six months. Ask your dermatologist. And if you don’t have a dermatologist get one they have the best remedies. Hope this helps.

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