Acne Treatments That Work

Sharon asks…

What is the best type of acne treatment?

I have seen sooooo many types of acne treatments on T.V. (Ex. proactive, clearasil, neutrogena, clean & clear)All of them claim to better than proactive so which is the best?

admin answers:

The one that suits you ,

Nancy asks…

when using acne treatment, is your skin supposed to get worse before it becomes better?

i’ve been using some acne treatment (though my skin isnt that bad) and now my skin is breaking out wayyyy more than it ever has! Is this supposed to happen?

admin answers:

I think that’s pretty common. I have very moderate breakouts, but every time i use a new gel/lotion from the dermatologist my skin gets way worse! But it starts to clean up after a short time so i wouldn’t worry about it if i were you. Just stick to the regimen and your skin should clear up pretty quickly. Good luck!

Sandra asks…

What do you think are the best “acne treatments” out there?

I’ve been breaking out really bad lately & I was wondering what acne treatment you use that works for you. I tried Proactive but it stopped working for me after using it for a few months…What would you recommend I try?

admin answers:

Most acne treatments work well. Its just a matter of how much you do it. I have a Clean and Clear kit and it works really really well for me. But we all have different skin. My whole family uses Clean and Clear so maybe it could work for you!

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