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Mandy asks…

Has anyone tried using diana stadler’s product or proactive acne treatment?

hi, im planning to buy proactive acne treatment but im not really sure if it’ll work. a friend told me to try using diana stadler’s products.. has anyone tried using one of these products?

admin answers:

Proactive sucks! It burned my skin really bad and did not help with my acne at all. I have and still do use Diana Stalder products but its not for acne. Its for skin lightening and hyper~pigmentation on the skin. However, Diana Stalder products have controlled my acne and gave my face a beautiful even toned glow. Here’s a link to read more about it and get you some if you like.


Ken asks…

Can you recommend a good acne treatment?

I’ve noticed that after a few months, acne treatments fail me. What are some good treatments that you have used? Do you have any allergies? I think I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide; I developed a mild irritation. Currently I am using the Vichy Normaderm line but I am looking for something to use on the acne, not any facial washes/lotions since Vichy is great when it comes to washes and lotions.

admin answers:

I use clinique 3-step. It’s a soap, then astringent, then lotion. I had to drop the 2nd step, the astringent, because it was too harsh for my skin, but since I’ve been using it 2x daily for a few months, I have many fewer pimples. I also use their 7-day scrub to reduce blackheads and make my skin smoother. It’s a little expensive, but it lasts a long time if you’re careful with it and you can use your purchases of these items to qualify for their free gifts a few times a year (great makeup samples, it’s how I get most of my eyeshadows and lipsticks). Good luck!

Sandy asks…

What is a really good Adult acne treatment?

I am a 20 year old female.
I never had teenage acne,
but once i turned 19 i started getting acne.
ive tried proactiv.
ive tried cetaphil.
ive tried nuetrogena’s main line (the orange bottle collection)
What is a good adult acne treatment without going to the dermatologist?

I am a college student, so I am on some what of a budget. Nothing crazy like the zeno hot spot price, unless its for more than just 1 item.

Please let me know.
Thanks :)

admin answers:

There is many ways to treat acne with natural ingredients. But it is really time consuming, you have to make strict regime for 3-4 months to treat acne with natural ingredients. I don’t think if it is worth the effort if you can easily buy some good acne treatment like Exposed or any other highly rated product.

I have used exposed acne treatment for my bad acne and it helped really fast. Really amazing acne treatment. I haven’t seen my skin so smooth ever before. It is full acne treatment kit that will not make your skin oily or dry ask hell.

If you need a good treatment that can treat acne really fast go for it!
Hope this helps to remove acne.

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