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Ruth asks…

Can you use sulfuric acid as an acne treatment?

I know sulfur is used in acne treatment, but is sulfuric acid? One of my friends says sulfuric acid is too harsh for the skin, but I thought it was used at a low concentration. Does anyone know the answer?
Omg, I am not going to try using it. ahahahaha

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Haha, you people were all serious thinking I was going to try to burn off my skin and you were going to save me. Lmao.

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admin answers:

NO! Depending on the concentration, sulfuric acid can cause a severe chemical burn on the skin and blindness if it get in your eyes! The damage it can cause could be permanent. Battery acid is a mild form of sulfuric acid. Would you consider putting battery acid on your skin?

Please consider another method.

David asks…

Whats the best skincare clinic in Manila for acne treatment?

Ive tried Dermclinic but its pricey like four sessions of acne treatment costs me P8,000 and the creams and stuff is around P12,500 but its effective. I heard Forever Flawless is way cheaper, anyone who has tried there? Or can ananyonehere suggest a good skin care center.

*Calayan and Belo is definitely not on my list!

admin answers:

Let’s face it is better..

They have an outlet in all SM Malls

Chris asks…

How effective is LASER ACNE treatment?

I’ve tried many creams and over the counter products, I’ve gotten prescription cream from dermatologists, and I even used Proactiv Solution before (which didn’t work for me).

So, I’m looking into getting laser-acne treatment, which I’m hoping would be my last resort.

I have a mild case of acne on my face, nothing severe though.

So before getting laser acne treatment, could someone tell me if its effective at all? Like does it completely rid of the acne
after the procedure is done? How does it work and how much does it cost?
And please, no answers suggesting I use creams or creams they you know of that work.
I have been following this type of treatment for a LONG time now, and I am definitely gonna try laser treatment.

Also, I’m using laser treatment for my entire face.

admin answers:

The thing with laser treatment is that it gets rid of scarring, but in no way is it an actual treatment for the acne itself, meaning when the acne comes back you will have to do it again for future scarring. It’s a superficial treatment only. Most people who have this done do it after they have been able to get the acne under control and their skin to the best point they can first.

Cost varies greatly from place to place, so I would schedule a consult with someone in your area. Because insurance does not cover it, they will give you an estimate up front at your consult.

I have not had laser work for acne, but I am doing it for permanent hair removal. For my armpits, bikini area and full legs, it cost $300.00 per treatment for the first two times. I am told it will take 2 or more times, and the cost will go down as treatment time needed goes down, but there is already a huge difference in that the hair growth has slowed down tremendously. I know that tells you nothing really, but I am thinking that since you are only talking about your face, it would not cost that much.

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