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James asks…

Can acne treatment Proactiv make your skin dry?

I use the acne treatment Proactiv and I’m not sure if it’s that breaking out my neck. I have terrible eczema and now it’s on my neck! It itches horribly! I need help! Anyone ideas?

admin answers:

I use Proactiv, and I don’t have eczema but I notice that when I’m consistent about using all of the Proactiv products it does make my skin dry and flaky. Probably from all the benzoyl peroxide. Try using a moisturizer. You can buy one at the store or order the Proactiv one. It’s good to get one with SPF because benzoyl peroxide can make your skin sensitive to the sun.

Mary asks…

la bella slimming clinic in chennai provide acne treatment is good?

I am planning to take acne treatment in La bella Slimming clinic in Chennai for Pastule acne and they suggested me Glycolic and SA Peel. Is it worth taking treatment here if not can u suggest me some other clinic please?

admin answers:

I think it is better for you

Nancy asks…

What is the name of this new acne treatment?

I just saw this new acne treatment on TV, but I can’t remember the name of it. The treatment is supposed to be customizable for different skin types. It is not proactive. It’s New. Has anyone heard of it? If so, what is the name?

admin answers:

Is it dermabrasion

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