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Sandra asks…

Do you use moisturizer before or after using an acne spot treatment?

I wash my face and use moisturizer after, but I recently got an acne spot treatment so I’m wondering if I should apply the moisturizer before I put on the acne spot treatment (which I do now) or after I put the acne spot treatment on, The reason I don’t put the lotion on after rather than before is because I think it’s kind of pointless because you’re sort of rubbing the acne treatment all over your face rather than the spot you applied it to specifically… But that‘s just my perspective. So can someone tell me if I’m doing this correctly or not? Thanks, much appreciated!

admin answers:

I do it the same way you do! Apply moisturizer, let that soak in. Then apply your acne spot treatment. Also a tip is to actually rub the product into your skin so it absorbs better.

Robert asks…

What is the best type of Acne treatment?

I dont have terrible acne but i have been starting to get more acne on my chin and nose lately. its not alot. its just spotty. like a few pimples on my nose and 1 or 2 on my chin. What is the best type of acne treatment for this? I hear the new Neutrogina “wave” massager works nice. I also hear good things about the proactive system. What do you think? Thanks!

admin answers:

I use Clearasil. It helps me. I used to have very bad acne, but like in a week all of cleared up. So I keep using Clearasil.

Mandy asks…

does x out acne treatment work and if not what acne treatment should i use?

OK so i have acne and i don’t know how to treat it!! I don’t want to buy something and find out it doesn’t work, i mean really who does? so I know that proactive doesn’t work i know a bunch of witnesses.
The bottom line is does x out work and if not what acne treatment should i use?

admin answers:

X out is a product by the same makers of Proactiv. Proactiv may seem like a legit product to get rid of your acne, but Proactiv has A LOT of chemicals in it designed to over-dry/burn your skin. Like Proactiv, X out has a lot of chemicals in it. Even if you have really oily skin, I don’t recommend using X out or anything by Proactiv.

-Try using products with benzoyl peroxide in it. And try to avoid products with salicylic acid in it, because salicylic acid peels your skin.

What I use is Clearasil’s Vanishing Acne Cream and Clearasil’s Deep Cleanse Sensitive Formula Oil Free Face Wash. I find that those two products work wonders for my skin.

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