Acne Treatments That Work

Donald asks…

Is it common for prescribed acne treatments to stop working?

my doctor gave me a acne gel called veltin and it seems to be working well! But I have heard of acne treatments working for a little then they stop working beacause your skin gets immune. I was wondering if this is common or does it rarely happen?


admin answers:

Sometimes, if you use a product for too long, it stops working because it is used to being used, and your body doesn’t react to it anymore. :)

Richard asks…

What is the best targeted blemish remover or spot acne treatment you know of?

I need some ideas for a good spot acne treatment. I don’t have bad acne, just the occasional breakout. Something I could put on right before bed and remove in the morning would be great. I have pretty sensitive skin tho, so anything with alcohol might damage my skin.

But any answers are much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!!

admin answers:

I tried the following cream, it is expensive but it has lasted for about 10 months so it is great value for money. Since you have sensitive skin this is brilliant because they use 100% natural and organic products so no chemicals to increase the sensitivity of your skin.


I would also try a face mask made with lemon and yogurt. The yogurt reduces the sensitivity by creating a soothing effect and the lemon cleanses your skin.

Carol asks…

What kind of acne treatment won’t interfere with birth control?

‘m meeting with my dermatologist to discuss going on acne treatment. The problem is, I’m going to be with my mom, who I haven’t told I was having sex yet. I need to be put on something that won’t interfere with the effectiveness of my birth control. Anyone know of one that actually works? I’m looking for an oral treatment since creams and gels don’t work for me and only dry out my skin.

admin answers:

I don’t think acne treatments would interfere, unless they have antibiotics in them. Antibiotics can cancel out the effectiveness of birth control pills.

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