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Jenny asks…

what is the best acne treatment for guys?

my borther is 15 and he wants an acne treatment. what acne treatment is the best for guys? and i mean one that isnt expenciveand not the Proactive.


admin answers:

First of all it depends on how severe the acne is. Over-the-counter treatment may not work for your brother. If you are looking for a cheap fix, make sure he washes his face in the morning and before he goes to bed with warm water and a facial cleanser. There are a lot of facial cleansers out there, but if he wants one that will treat acne, it should contain benzoyl peroxide or salyclic acid. You mentioned ProActiv in your question, so he may want to try the off brand which is called AcneFree. This product usually costs around $20 and is a lot like the ProActiv system in that it uses a face wash, astringent/toner, and moisturizer. This product will usually work for most people if you use it correctly. If he feels that his acne is still not going away after using the product for a few months, then he should get an appointment with a dermatologist so they can prescribe him some more serious acne treatment.
Instead of Accutane which is the “last resort” treatment for acne and is usually used for only the most severe cases of acne, he may want to look into Minocyclin and Retin-A. Both of those are only available by prescription.

Ruth asks…

What acne treatment should i get for combination skin?

I have combination skin which means its oily in some places like around the nose and then its dry on my cheeks so i have oily and dry skin. I want to try a new acne treatment under 25$. I currently use clean and clear continuous cleanser and that works pretty well. Sacrylic acid doesnt really work for me so i would prefer something with benzoyl peroxide(:

admin answers:

If you have any questions after reading this please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you are looking for a low cost, effective way of getting rid of acne I suggest that you try red clover acne tea. It’s actually and blend of several natural ingredients and good for a variety of inflammatory skin conditions, acne being one of them. I personally endorse this product because I use it and began using it without telling my family about it, drinking it one to two times a day.

Shortly after beginning to use it–about 2 weeks–I was helping my mother do something on the computer. She kept looking looking at me. Finally, she just stopped and said “What did you do to you skin?” Confused, I said “Nothing. Why?” She said “It looks so much better and so healthy!” Thinking rapidly I responded “Oh, that. I started to drink this special tea to help me with my acne. I suppose it’s working!”

I’ve now been using red clover tea for a few months and my skin is healthier than ever. The bumps on my face have gone down, my skin is smoother than ever and my skin is less oily. The bumps on my back and chest have also gone down. I still have a few but compared to before they’re nothing about which to complain. The best part is that it only costs me $15 every 6 weeks to 2 months to maintain my acne fighting routine which is significantly less than other acne fighting systems like Proactiv or Klear and my skin is not left feeling dry and tight, as is a common side effect with those systems.

I do continue to clean my face a few times a week with a facial cleanser and I do use a drying agent every now and again as they do have their benefits but I do not rely on them anymore.

Red Clover Acne Tea has been the most effective acne fighting product I’ve ever tried and will continue to us it.
If you’d like to try it go here:

Donna asks…

What kind of acne treatment do you use?

I’ve tried a few acne treatments, but I’m looking for one that will work really well. So what do you use? How does it compare to other acne treatments you’ve tried?

admin answers:

I use multiple products to control my acne. I take Ampicillian every day because I have really bad acne on my back. But I use the Clinque spray on it when it’s pretty bad around my period or waiting for a refill for my prescription that words amazing! And I will sometimes use the Clearasil acne gel for my face. The only really pricey one is the clique spray, but it lasts a long time! Good luck!

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