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Lizzie asks…

How do i get rid of flaky skin on face?

I did some acne treatment on my face which worked, but it caused my skin to be really dry and peeling. Whats the fastest way to heal this?

admin answers:

Try a scrub. It will exfoliate the skin, then follow up with a good, hydrating, moisturizer.

Betty asks…

What’s the best way to get rid of bad acne and bacne fast?!?

I’ve recently been really stressed lately about a few things and I’ve been getting these bad breakouts on my forehead and back. What is the best way and/or acne treatment to use to get rid of this fast? Should I use an Exfoliating Scrub before i use an Acne Wash or Cream? If so which brands should i use? Drugstore please.

admin answers:

I have had the same problems for years and have tried almost every face wash/cream on the market. Recently, I started using a 10% Benzoyl Peroxide cream and within 3 weeks and my acne is completely gone. The best part is its only about 2 to 5 dollars and can be found in Target, CVS, etc. The main thing about treating acne is that it involves your skin’s chemistry, so you do have to wait a few weeks for your skin’s pH to adjust to get max results.

I hopes this helps :)

Nancy asks…

What is that fastest most effective store-bought acne treatment?

my acne isnt severe i mostly have a bunch of black heads anf bumps but i do get the occasional pimple attack. so from your experiance or knowledge, what is the best store-bought acne treatment?
(ex: nutragena, or lorel) also it would be great if it was under 20 dallors Thank!!!

Oh and if u have other methods that are effective for getting rid of acne please share

admin answers:

Neutrogena has been pretty effective for me.
I used to use a product line that was super pricey but very effective – just sucks that it costed me so much (BioStrat)

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