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William asks…

What’s a good acne treatment for my description?

I’m 16 years old and i have some acne on my forehead, i’ve tried proactive and acne free but it takes a while for it to actually get rid of all of it so i stop taking it, just cause i get lazy. Whats a good acne treatment that gets the job done faster.

admin answers:

Try Differin (gel, not cream, it’s more efficient). If it will not help you then try Accutane. It’s more powerful but it’s antibiotic. Ask your doctor what is better for you.
Good luck!

Richard asks…

How fast does it take for a substance to be absorbed thru the skin?

For instance, how long would it take for acne treatments to be absorbed and effectively used by the skin? I’ve heard it takes about 15 minutes for the skin to fully absorb something, but I am not sure about that and cannot find anything really on the internet. Thanks!

admin answers:

Absoprtion isn’t the problem for acne meds unless you wash it right away. You either need to kill the bacteria in such a manner that they cannot reproduce and cause acne, which can take a week or two (for antibiotics). Or you need to peel and/or degrade the top layer of skin (keratinolytic). This can take a month to a month-and-a-half of regular, daily use.

As far as absportion, time to max concentration, and other factors, it depends on what medicine you’re applying. Everything is different.

Sandy asks…

How is panoxyl acne treatment?

I have tried basically everything there is for acne. How is this product? Do you have to get it over the counter? I heard somebody say it bleaches clothing. Does just the acne treatment do that, or does the soap bleach as well? Does it work for back acne? And do you have to get this product over the counter? (The only place on my face that is somewhat sensitve is my chin, so sensitivity isn’t really an issue.)
I don’t want to know about other products that could work better, i want to know specifically about panoxyl. Also, which strength would be good?

admin answers:

Panoxyl works well and quiet fast because it releases oxygen to the skin but because of benzoyl peroxide (an active ingredient proven to be effective towards acne) causes mild to severe dryness and irritation. I used 5% and still caused my skin to dry severely. I recommend you use this only twice a day and purchase an acne cream that you can apply directly to the acne, and use a moisturizer that are non-comedo and oil-free. I recommend a green tea moisturizer or something that contains aloe vera, it soothes the skin.

Benzoyl peroxide is the ingredient that causes bleaching.

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