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Lisa asks…

What is a proven effective anti-acne ointment available in the Philippines?

A lot of the ordinary anti-acne treatments available in the supermarkets are not effective. I’m looking for one that is effective in curing acne in the fastest possible time.

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James asks…

what is a really good acne treatment?

I have acne but not too bad but i want to stop it before it gets worse what is the best fast working acne treatment i should use? that will make my face soft not bumpy and not dry. and is there anyway to get rid of freckles?

admin answers:


Try ClearSkin Skin Wash and it works for me – a 100% natural, safe and proven herbal wash for clean and healthy skin that cleanses skin thoroughly without drying or flaking.

ClearSkin Skin Wash supports the skin’s texture – also leaving an invisible therapeutic layer on the skin to provide a natural barrier against pollution and other environmental toxins for healthy and smooth skin.

ClearSkin Skin Wash Benefits:

* Cleanse the skin thoroughly without drying or flaking

* Leave an invisible film to soften and support the skin

* Maintain and support skin texture and circulation

ClearSkin Skin Wash will get to work right away to soothe skin and support skin health and benefits should be noticed within the first 24 hours, continuing with ongoing use.
The products are created using our Full Spectrum Approach™ (FSA), a set of standards and processes that combines the best quality, laboratory-tested, raw ingredients, good manufacturing practices and a Full Spectrum manufacturing method to guarantee you products of the highest quality, safety and effectiveness.
This product contains no animal products, gluten, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, is suitable for lacto-vegetarians, is not tested on animals, and backed by their One Year Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.
More info about the product at

Ruth asks…

What gets rid of pimples faster: Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide?

I’ve been trying two acne treatments: one with Salicyic acid and one with Benzoyl Peroxide.

I’ve found that the Salicylic acid gets rif of white heads quickly, but I’m not sure about my pimples.

Which one would work better with regular zits on my cheeks?

admin answers:

The Benzoyl Peroxide would work a lot better, but it’s best to get a skincare treatment that has both in them. Use Proactive (free trials!!!) or Neutrogena Wave to get both chemicals to clean your skin.

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